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Gay Marriage

Following a day in which North Carolina voted to pass a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage (and civil unions and any other kind of legally recognized same-sex union), President Obama has officially announced that he now favors gay marriage (a reversal of his previous opinion).

I think it's only fitting that we discuss this. So do you favor same-sex marriage?

My answer to that is: Yes. Logically I cannot understand how anyone could be against it. People claim to not be anti-gay, but pro-marriage. I believe that intentional or not, this is a farce. The sad thing is is that many of these people are so anti-gay that they don't even realize it. They've convinced themselves that they're not anti-gay by coming up with some bogus rallying cry. I want to hear an intelligent person logically defend the statement that they're not anti-gray, but only pro-marriage.

Ultimately, the way I see it is this: if you vote for something that takes away the rights of a gay individual, then you're committing an anti-gay action, and thus, are being anti-gay.

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