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Soda that was a great write up and spot on! Thanks!

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-How it sucks to be Bruce Banner. I was particularly moved when he said "I put a gun in my mouth and pulled the trigger, and he spit it out." or something like that. To have this monster inside of you, that you cannot get away from, and that, to take it one step further, the monster won't even allow you to kill yourself to escape from him. Just wow.
Have you ever read Hulk: The End? It was a great one-shot story about what might eventually happen to the Hulk and Banner in the future.

The story follows the narrative of Bruce Banner and the Hulk following a war which ended in a violent nuclear holocaust that only he could have survived.

Banner begins the story, talking to a camera left by a robot Recorder belonging to one of The Watchers to record "The Last Days of Earth" as an archival lesson for other planets.

While Banner is forced to drown in sorrow as the last human alive on Earth, wandering for years across the ruins of the old cities and remembering what he can of the world before, the Hulk is angry at Banner, in that with Banner he is still not alone in the World. During one of Banner's walks, he is beset upon some monstrously overgrown cockroaches, mutated by the nuclear fallout, and it is the Hulk who gets up to try and stop them.

When Banner awakens later, he watches a video recording made by the alien camera of the cockroaches eating the Hulk alive before he heals.

The story is mainly fueled by the fact that Banner and the Hulk's desires, even at the end of the world, are still conflicted; whereas Hulk still stubbornly wishes to prove himself the strongest being on Earth, Banner merely wishes to die, attempting suicides that fail when he becomes the Hulk again.
Not going to spoil it, but it is very good! And yes the Roaches do survive Nuclear Holocaust!
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