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“Megan Is Missing” made me upset

I did watch the movie “Megan is missing” yesterday, and was terrified and angry! The script in this movie is entirely based on real occurrences as the Director says. On Imdb it says: Fictional drama based on actual events. I was so angry, upset and shocked after this movie that I gave it 1/10 right away, just in anger, but know a few days later I set it to a 7/10. This movie will really disturb you. At least it did disturb me!

“In October 2011, the New Zealand Censorship Board (OFLC) banned Anchor Bay’s release of this film by classifying it as ‘Objectionable’. They claimed that it contained sexual violence and sexual conduct involving young people to such an extent and degree, and in such a manner that if it was released it would be ‘injurious to the public good’. They went on to say that it relished in the spectacle of one girl’s ordeal, including a three-minute rape scene. They also stated that it sexualised the lives of young teenage girls to a ‘highly exploitative degree’.”

I am still shaken after this movie and think of it nearly all the time. How evil mankind can be and frustrating not being able to help the victims. It was not my intention to write about this movie, but my frustration made me. Watch it and make up your own mind, but for me it`s one of the most terrifying, shocking and mind-thinking move I have ever seen!

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A three-minute rape scene? Psshh, that's nothin'!
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Gaspar Noé laughs at your 3 minute rape scene!
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Sounds like a good movie but the 3 minute rape scene is nothing compared to the ones in the original "I Spit on your Grave" and "Irreversible."
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Oh my God, I take back my previous comment. I watched this movie last night and you are totally right! It is unsettling, creepy, and after watching it I had to watch some episodes of Shin Shan just because I needed something light and funny to get my mind off of it. I liked it, but it is a very disturbing movie and I will most likely never be able to get the images of those pictures of Megan out of my head....Brrrr....
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Alright so I was in the middle of watching it and it was super boring and stupid. I went online to look up some reviews and briefly saw one of the photos, uh wow. I paused the movie at the 50 minute mark and I'm not really sure if I want to see the rest. I haven't gotten to that scene yet but, I don't know if I want to. For people who have seen the whole thing, should I continue or just stop while I can?
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I should've updated but about a half hour after I replied, I watched the rest of it and honestly, I was bored. When I first saw the infamous pictures, my jaw dropped, I couldn't believe that they were real. Then I did some research online, and found out they were F for FAKE. Well, there goes the effect? As for the "disturbing" and "unforgettable" last 22 minutes, that shit was BORING! The film sucked, made no sense with its use of the cameras and the acting was baaaad. Terrible film, not recommended.
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