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Creature - In Theaters Sept. 9th

Cheesy looking? Maybe to most. Okay, definitely to most. But, being the 80s nerd I am, I am a sucker for a non-cgi monster killing off helpless teens. Count me in. Stars Sid Haig, Pruitt Taylor Vince, Daniel Bernhardt... seems to follow the good ol' backwoods monster esque storyline. If it plays around me, I will be there without question opening day. The sites are all hyping it "in theaters everywhere", but I can't help but raise an eyebrow at that.

trailer is -http://www.upcoming-movies.com/Movie...gh-definition/
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Well, it's certainly refreshing to see some prosthetic monsters ripping horny teenagers limb from limb just like back in the good 'ole days of Horror again. The trailer actually reminds me a lot of Hatchet, aside from the swamp setting. The entire first thirty seconds or so were almost identical to Hatchet's first trailer.


It looks super-cheezy (or corny? Let's hope for the former.), but it could actually end up being a lot of fun. I like that they are keeping the killer in the shadows and a crocodile-type deformed monster could actually be a pretty cool idea for a slasher.
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yeah, if you look around you can see what the monster looks like, and it is so cheesy, but whatever. it looks like mindless fun, which is what suckers me in big time.

i can see the hatchet comparisons via the trailer for sure, don't see it holding a candle to how awesome hatchet/hatchet 2 was.

good to know i'm not the only one missing the good ol' cheesy man over cgi stuff. haha.
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Honestly, I'd take the lame werewolf suit from Silver Bullet over most cgi these days I'm so sick of it!

I doubt that it will compare to Hatchet in the final product, mostly because I hold that film on such a high pedestal, but all that I ask for is a good, cheezy time. I was really hoping for a revival of "New wave slashers" when Behind the Mask and Hatchet were first released...with obligatory roles for both Robert Englund and Kane Hodder, of course.
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Same....I still can't get over and wish films such as both Hatchets and Behind the Mask got better theatrical treatment. They had a small run but hardly any real promoting/backbone and very limited. If Hatchet especially was to have been pushed and promoted enough it could've done wonders for the genre. Same with the Feast trilogy, and even Laid to Rest. So, on that note, hopefully this one just actually comes around to Philly. (and i don't miss it, Hobo with a Shotgun was here and I sat on it and missed my chance of seeing that on the big screen, same with 13 Assassins).
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I agree, for sure. Hatchet and Behind the Mask both deserved so much more than they received. I think that they could have helped a lot more for the genre than they had even without the promotion. It was especially sad to see Hatchet II get pulled from theaters. Hopefully future sequels to both of those great films can get more than their predecessors. I too love the Feast trilogy, and wish that more people would be aware of its grand cheeze.
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Four clips and a plentiful pictures arrive for Creature - on the JoBlo main page!

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I had to watch the trailer for this several times during the Q and A sessions at Monster Mania and it looked like garbage. It most certainly didn't look like it was on the same level as Hatchet or Leslie Vernon. My expectations will be low, if I even decide to check it out.
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I hope it comes to Pittsburgh! Looks ridiculous! And come on, Silver Bullet's werewolf wasn't all that bad! You have seen worse.
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Silver Bullet was awesome, no hating allowed on that!

I still am very unbelieving in this actually getting much of a theatrical release. But hopefully they prove us all wrong.
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Haha, put your sickles and torches down, guys. I was only pokin' fun. I love Silver Bullet, but the werewolf costume wasn't as good as I think it could have been (especially considering who performed the special effects!). I've seen worse, heck, I've thoroughly enjoyed worse, but that's just my 69 cents.
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no shame my friend, i literally find Howling II a fun popcorn time of a movie... seriously...
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I like all the Howling movies, aside from Bad Moon Rising or whatever that country sing-along was.
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edit: found showtimes, playing at nearby theater supposedly... i'll be there friday (making it a double feature most likely with warrior even though that is non-genre).

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just got back from seeing this one. was such a mess. wanted to enjoy it so much and be able to help spread the word and support the low budget horror release that it was, but i can't do too much of that.

the monster itself looked so awesome and nostalgic, i loved seeing him and got flashbacks of the classic 80s creature flicks...but the movie was SO messy in every way possible...except gore, go figure. Lacked insanely with any gore, and did what seemed like TV edited quickcuts way too much for a theatrical release. T&A is rampant, but it can't save a movie unless its a legit porn in my books, sorry hornballs I can see this playing all day long on SyFy.

Main actress was really solid and I'd love to see her get better roles in better movies, but all the other teens were cardboard as hell. Sid Haig did the generic hillbilly redneck cursing affair he does in pretty much every last 40 movies he has done. Just a yawning mess with a cool looking creature.

Shame, I wanted to get into it and support it so much, and I loved the idea of a small low budget horror movie getting out in theaters on its own like this did. Hopefully it happens more often, just with better movies.

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I'm a big horror/creature feature fan, so I decided to check this out tonight. There were some comparisons to Hatchet (which I enjoyed, thought it was an effective and fun slasher movie) and he trailer made it look like it could be a fun monster b movie. Thats all I was hoping for, but I was disappointed.

It was incredibly boring, especially the first half. Uninteresting characters, an uninteresting backstory for the monster, and the movie felt twice as long as it was. A couple of scenes just felt endless, with unnecessary slow motion and lame people. I will say that the creature design worked, and while I appreciated the blood (even though there really wasn't that much) and nudity, it wasn't enough to save the movie. It seems like the people behind the movie do have an affinity for these flicks too, but they couldn't turn that love into a good movie. Some of the turns in the plot felt so thrown in and sloppy.

I of course didn't go in hoping for an excellent story or great acting, but it failed to deliver a fun monster movie for me. Kind of hokey, really boring and just.. lifeless. Color me bummed. But another plus was one of the main girls, Serinda Swan, is quite easy on the eyes, we just don't see enough of her. Guess she was one of the "sirens" in Tron Legacy.

By the way, I'm surprised that this is getting a fairly large release. Apparently the budget was 3 million, but outside of the creature it looks like an even cheaper movie. Also, the name The Bubble Factory (the production company) brings me great joy for some reason.

I'd say * out of **** definitely try to wait for dvd, or maybe instant watch, save some cash. Or better yet just watch Creature from the Black Lagoon.
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well, a release into theaters by outsiders (by that, i mean outside the big type studios of warner bros, new line etc.,) can usually be done purely just with good enough money, so if the people involved had the cash to throw around and out, that pretty much sums up how/why this got such a release as it has.... I know some theater companies offer you the ability to rent out screens and such for home/personal use, so they could've easily done a large bulk buy of that or such, who knows. but in any other scenario this just is insane how wide of a release it got... but i wouldn't complain if it were a GOOD low budget movie, hell..i hope some other low budgets do this to a certain extent. i wish i could see more often low budget horror on the big screen.

the comparisons to hatchet are so ridiculous...obviously those who did such only judged by trailers and plot. hatchet is pure gold compared to this (and in general if you ask me).

i still can't get over how terrible this was, and how much i wanted to enjoy it. the top 15 box office movies for friday came out and it didn't crack that, # 15 made around $250,000... so that = bad news for this movie. numbers are going to be fucking terrible, just like the movie was.
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Dang, sorry to hear that it didn't live up to expectations, Cory. I really enjoyed Hatchet, so I was hoping for a similar feature of this (in terms of quality and bloodiness). I'm curious as to seeing what exactly this monster looks like in full, but other than that I can't say I'm too interested at this point from what I've heard in and outside of these Boards.
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the creature looks cool.

but don't bother just for that even. just find a pic online honestly or something.

this set records of # 2 and # 5 in two different records for worst openings...
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I kept seeing ads before the trailers at the movies for this. It looks stupid and cheesy but at the same time, looks like an underground horror director doing what he wants to do for the sake of making a horror movie so, I wish it came at my theater, would've really liked to see it.
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Just watched this...and holy hell, I wish I hadn't. This was a stinker and lead canidate for my worst horror movie of the year.

Nothing like Hatchet at all...
Softcore gore
and they went with the wrong guy to be the hero!

Someone on IMDb made a thread about
Niles (aka Black Superman) killing more people then the actual Creature, which I think just may be true

The Good: Some boobs and the girl from Breakout Kings wasn't bad I guess

The Bad: Everything else

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I'm not surprised by any of this. When the filmmaker showed up at a convention to personally present the trailer before a movie screening, I felt embarrassed for him. It looked completely redundant. And according to all of you, it is. These new slasher/monster/backwoods movies and would-be franchises need to have their scripts checked before being rushed into production.
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Saw this at Walmart and thought what the hell. At least I knew of its repuation, unlike most new releases with no theatrical runs and word-of-mouth. Might be so-bad-its-good. It turned to be just average, but I appreciated the effort by the filmmakers. They actually gave half a damn about building the characters a little in the first half. I was never bored. The creature, practical effects and all, was okay. Wasn't amazing or terribly believable, but much better than anything on Syfy. Maybe it's just me, but I saw a different side to Sid Haig in this. He was more mellow and not always so over-the-top as in Rob Zombie's films. The action in the woods was derivative, but I really enjoyed the finale with the ceremony and final action around the sink hole. The finale alone almost the raises the rating from ** to **1/2. It remains average to me, but I can see why the rest of you find it so unwatchable. It is still nothing special. It tried to go old-school with a refreshingly different backwoods legend and got it half right.

I think part of the problem was the marketing last year. It didn't have the best trailer. I found the movie to be considerably better than the poor preview being played at horror conventions. It also had an extremely lame poster with the heroine, Sid Haig and the creature posing. Aren't there enough creative-free posters like that? The poster may not be that important to any film, but where is the effort? Thankfully, the DVD cover art is a thousand times better.
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Well, I'm glad that you enjoyed it, Duke. Sounds like a genuine effort that just didn't click with audiences. Something that perhaps could have been onto something but just didn't follow through with its intent.
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Originally Posted by Duke Nukem View Post
Thankfully, the DVD cover art is a thousand times better.
You mean the replica design of the Feast DVD coverart?

I'm shocked you even remotely enjoyed this turd Duke!!!! But atleast you don't feel as cheated as I did with time wasted.
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Originally Posted by XCoRyX View Post
You mean the replica design of the Feast DVD coverart?

I'm shocked you even remotely enjoyed this turd Duke!!!! But atleast you don't feel as cheated as I did with time wasted.
Is the DVD cover art a replica of "Feast"? Didn't know, haven't seen it. But it still a much better cover. I Hate lazy theatrical posters and DVD covers.

Yeah, I saw a little more in it than others (after initially being so hard on it around its release last year). It's the old-school feel that partially reels me in, but it's still nothing special. There are a lot overrated/underrated movies discussed on this board that I disagree with and haven't bothered posting about. In turn, one overrated movie I have slammed in the past is Rob Zombie's "The Devil's Rejects." I don't know what it is that the rest of you see in it, but I would rather watch "Creature" ten times in a row than that monstrousity. Okay, maybe five times. Creature still has its problems.
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