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Iron Sky (2012)

Iron Sky (2012)
Genre: Sci-fi / Comedy / Action
Country: Finland / Germany / Australia

TRAILER : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Py_IndUbcxc do yourself a favor and waste 1:54 of your life watching this trailer before reading the rest of my review

Story: 2 american astronauts are sent on a mission to the dark side of the moon. Much to their surprise , a group of Nazi who fled after WWII have established a colony there and have been living in hiding for the past 70 years. Fearing an invasion , the Nazi decide to strike pre-emptively and bring the 4th Reich back to power on Earth with the help of their armada and a new super secret weapon .

It sounds campy and it is ...but in a good way. From a Palin lookalike president to Helium3 acting as a stand-in for oil , self-referencial humor is king. The Nazi are well-organized but lack execution. They survived for 70 years but haven't really evolved since. Their base is steampunk heaven. The narrative doesn't try to justify everything like how did they build the base or how did they manage to run the food supply for that long. Good because it doesn't need to (like any zombie apocalypse movie you just accept it , explanations are usually very stupid anyway). The US government is quite the opposite , self-obsessed with personnal image and sense of entitlement , they lack forecasting and accountability. The UN is just one big joke where everyone is always bickering. Without spoiling how it ends , the writers did manage to give us one that makes us think.

Acting: For a bunch of mostly unknown actors in America , I was suprised by the quality acting of the ensemble cast. This is not a movie carried by 1-2 actors . Julia Dietze as the conflicted Nazi officer , Christopher Kirby as the black astronaut that tries to figure out WTF is happening , Stephanie Paul as the US President who wants to get re-elected and the legendary Udo Kier as the aging Nazi leader , everyone brings life to their character. My gold star will go to Peta Sergeant as the hawkish US advisor ( Karl Rove much? ) , she plays her diabolical flip-flopping Mary-Sue personna to perfection and her suit when she gets control of the USS Georges W. Bush is priceless .

Video: Mostly a green screen festival mixed with a couple of real location filming. Think Watchmen visual but in a sci-fi movie instead of a superhero movie. I do have to give acknowlegment to the crew who worked on CGI/FX. Not only was their work super creative ( Blimp spaceship for example) but it was also unbelievably realistic and immersive. I cannot believe that a movie made for around 8 millions euro could look as good/better than some of the lastest 100M$ Hollywood blockbuster. The UN fight scene is an subtle allusion to the abuse of the slo-mo effect in all the action blockbusters lately. The camera work , while not being super original , is very effective especially in space where the panoramic angle captures the greatness of the fight (almost as good as the Star Trek reboot, better than Starship Trooper but that movie is over 15 years old) .

Audio: English and German dialogue. This is one thing I like and that not enough movie do. Use original language for better realism instead of making the German speak in english with a german accent ( i.e. Ze german vill vin ). Don't worry , german dialogue is subtitled. Inglorious Basterd might have use this technique but i fell asleep , the last movie that used this technique to perfection and that i remember was Brother in 2000 (English /Japanese )

Music: This was a total suprise for me that they managed to get Laibach on board to write the musical score. While the band is mostly unknown in America , they are very well-known and respected in the industrial music circles. Often referenced as the european version of old-school Ministry (early 80s Ministry , not the metal act of the past 10 years ) , they managed to create a very unique score in the same vein as The Chemical Brothers did for Hanna or Daft Punk for Tron . Main theme Under the Iron Sky is very haunting and could easily be played in a James Bond movie. One scene borrows part of the Jaws theme , very funny reference.

It would be criminal if no Hollywood studios pick up the rights to distribute this movie in America ( hello Fox International! ) because 1. it deserves a theater run and 2. its better than 90% of the junk Hollywood puts out. I could compare but I won't. Let's just say that after viewing , I believe everyone involved in this movie poured their heart out to make the best 90 minutes of entertainment they could and they should be rewarded by exposure. Grade A B-movie!

For what my opinion is worth , Hollywood has a lot to learn from this movie.
Rating: 8.5 / 10

Trivia : hard to see but on the TV report , the bottom line reads : FDA admits everything gives cancer

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