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Ridley Scott's PROMETHEUS

Hey guys, on Thursday I had the chance to watch Ridley Scott's PROMETHEUS and decided to review it. My friends at CC2K were so kind to publish it:

Writing about Prometheus is a difficult task for me. I have always been a giant fan of Ridley Scott’s original Alien, which to me is a perfect movie, and I do really like the entertaining rollercoaster ride that is James Cameron’s Aliens. I also have a real soft spot for David Fincher’s Alien 3 and the in my opinion underrated Alien Resurrection by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, which are far from perfect, but add interesting shades of conflict for the heroine of the franchise, Ellen Ripley. All four films have a thematic richness that is less interested in mythological question, but more in human drama or – because these films are horror films – human dilemma.

The expectations for Scott’s return to Sci-fi and the franchise are so high that it is honestly very difficult to write about Prometheus. Blade Runner is probably my favorite film ever, and while it is now generally considered a masterpiece, it was very differently perceived when it came out. Sci-fi films are a difficult task to either make and to review, because only time will tell whether the ideas presented are really relevant for the future as much as the present. I’m really relieved that the genre is experiencing a new wave (another example is Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity) and it is interesting to see if this new interest in Sci-fi is just a throwback to a long-gone genre, or if these new films can use the tropes of the genre to articulate new original ideas.



What do you think?
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