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I finally pick-up an instrument

big fan of music .... and i could probably cream any Jeopardy's question in that category.

My big flaw is that is never picked an actual instrument. Air band doesn't count !

My grand-mother tried to get me to play organ , my parents got me one of those cheapo 100$ accoustic guitar and i dabble a bit on my friend's drum kit. Nothing sticked.

NO MORE !!!! I bought a 15$ harmonica and i like it . I suck so far but i have fun sucking at it.

Yeah i'm still sucking like a newborn on a 38DD but i'll get there eventually.

My goal is to reproduce this guy : Green Day - American Idiot ... not a fan of the original song but i like the challenge.
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Harmonica might seems retarded but so many choices .. E-D-C-bb-etc

WHY ARE THEY SO SPECIFIC .... i went for E for beginner ... rock shit. Still doesnt know what it means !

edit: E is like the rock setting btw

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honestly , i can't say if troll or honestly positive respond lol

feels like i should post a FRY meme
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Ive picked up like 10 instruments in the last few years and I am bad to meh on all of them... but i still have a blast playing. Harmonica is one of them and it's tough. It's hard when you are trying to do individual holes.......................... (yes I am well aware of the possible That's What She Said in the last statement)
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over the years , i attempted and failed many instrument ... piano and guitar comes to mind.

So far , i struggle with my harmonica. It's easy to "sound like" a song you like but damn it's hard to nail it. Practice makes perfect i guess.

Game of Thrones theme : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13IgZguZQbw this guy nailed it!
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this is truly haunting
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Congrats, and I hope that you enjoy your new found interest! I think that there are few things better than truly enjoying playing an instrument. I suck at guitar, but heck, I love sucking at guitar!!
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