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The best concert on YouTube

Youtube is nice ... i like to see part of live show from the bands i like

But did you ever see a complete set of your fav band ? i doubt it!

Well actually , i got 1 live complete set from one of my top band PENDULUM.

Yeah , 1 hour & 48 min video is fucking rare on Youtube so my guess is that the label is in on it.

The camera work is exceptional and the audio is cd-like.

I get that PENDULUM isn't well known in North America but they give a kick-ass show.

The show : LIVE @ Brixton Academy

If you dig the band , it's awesome .... if you don't know them , they have a nice Prodigy cover of Voodoo People @ 18:00 .... but if you wanna get the feeling , start at 17:00 minutes.

For a band that is relying much on techno-studio for their drum&bas sound ... the live is impressive!

Best integral on Youtube ever !!!
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just in case ... i have other good shows on Youtube


*A Perfect Circle - Full Concert - Live ShoWare Center Kent,WA (6/30/11) ... fan cam but the audio is pretty good

*Depeche Mode-Live in Barcelona 2009 Better video & audio than the Playing with Angel DVD. Very pro. Actually too pro.

*METALLICA - Rock in Rio 2011 Video is awesome but audio lacks stability

I still stick with Pendulum btw
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Well the concert l am seen in person and on youtube is Taylour Swift and Delta goodrum
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Do the prior three posts seem awfully similar....

Anyway I'll bite:

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Originally Posted by hrdude View Post
Do the prior three posts seem awfully similar....

Anyway I'll bite:

bite for what ?

Even if i didn't say it publicly ... i find it weird that you can find full HD live concert on Youtube without infrigement while i got hit with a takedown on Youtube for putting 3 songs on a World of Warcraft video i made like 5 years ago.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GjMRM79pLB0 that's my video ... used to have 2 no name D&B song and 1 song from Junkie XL called Def Beat ( prolly the one that got me noticed ) .... the video is still there but the music got silenced.

*points angry fist in the air*

I dont blame Youtube .... i blame the random application of the law

the funny thing is that Junkie XL - Def Beat is actually available on Youtube ... so if you play Def Beat around 3:30 in the video , it makes more sense. Of course , nothing will make sense if you don't know what WoW is.

Don't get me started on FULL MOVIE ..... enter that into Youtube search engine and you'll get 12 millions result and i'm stuck with a 10min video limit ! wtf lol

Edit : btw not judging the band but your link is terrible video quality , audio is ok I guess

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One concert l went to not that long ago was evanscence

The songs were good and the only thing l hated was all the lighting in it

it kept blinding me
I took out my sunglasses and so did my freinds and had the crowd around us laughing
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The last time i wore sunglasses inside was at a rave .... the ecstacy was great but the strob & light show made me trip balls. I wore my sunglasses as a shield lol.

found a good one : Rammstein - Live in Berlin '98 ... that's the tour i saw in Montreal back in the days.

Sharing is caring !
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The Mazzy star set at Coachella was awesome too but the whole set isn't on youtube. dr. dre and snoop closed out Coachella. watch it if you haven't yet. they gave one of the best performances

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