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Shout Factory! - Up Coming Horror Titles

Collector's Editions for...

"Halloween II" - September 18th, 2012
"Halloween III" - September 18th, 2012
"The Funhouse" - October 16th, 2012
"Terror Train" - October 16th, 2012

- - -

Coming soon...

"John Carpenter's They Live"
"Phantasm II"
"Deadly Blessing"
"Death Valley"
"The Island"

I was excited when I heard about these new special editions for "Halloween" two and three, then I got bummed to read it was Blu-Ray only.

Nope. All the titles will be released on DVD! Prices are $24.97 and $19.93 (probably since part 3 doesn't have that many extras).

Both are on my list, I will be getting them. Sway
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