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ABSENTIA - Incredible budget horror/thriller


Caught a film called ABSENTIA during the week and it is absolutely INCREDIBLE. It was made on 50k with an amateur cast and it is simply one of the most gripping horror films I've seen in years. Check it out and report back, this one is special !!!!!!!!!!

I'm saying nothing else about it, and don't watch the trailer before you check out of the film. Tell me if you think it was something that looked like it was made on a nickel and dime.

I think it's destined to be an all time horror classic if it can get out there and be seen

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hey 1000! i gotta agree with you on Absentia, it rocked so hard, and kept me glued to my seat.

I especially loved that one tense part......

when the lead lady (sorry forgot her name in the movie) was on the stairs and her sister was behind her, and the long look into the darkness, i kept expecting something to jump out of the darkness, and it just had me tense, then BLAM music kicks in for a couple of seconds and the fingers come out of the darkness.

i think that's what i am going to watch again as soon as i get off my computer.

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It was almost good, but the acting was honestly like something from 9th grade play. Horrendous low-budget production values, pretty solid script.
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Originally Posted by adamjohnson View Post
It was almost good, but the acting was honestly like something from 9th grade play. Horrendous low-budget production values, pretty solid script.
Watched this one last night and yeah, the acting was horrible, especially the detectives.

It had some good ideas, the monster was creepy enough since it wasn't really shown but it took too long to get interesting and the payoff wasn't worth the wait. Overall, it's very mediocre and bland. Could have been worse considering the budget though.

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I fucking loved this flick. In my opinion, the acting was on-point. I adored the female leads, the unpredictable script and the shadowy visuals. Highly, highly recommended.
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ABSENTIA (2011) Directed by Mike Flanagan. Innovative, intelligent, baffling little indie psychothriller centering around a seemingly widowed pregnant Los Angeles suburbanite (Courtney Bell) who reconnects with her troubled younger sister (Katie Parker in a star-making role) as she legally declares her long-missing husband deceased (hence the title) while embarking on a new relationship with the missing persons detective (and father of her unborn child) assigned to said dead spouse’s cold case. Supernatural events, most prominently the specter and “resurrection” of the departed title character, plague the estranged siblings who discover that his vanishing act is linked to a neighborhood tunnel that holds a historical significance to several other lost souls connected to the movie's central mystery. Downbeat, challenging, mind-bending horror movie that leaves the viewer wanting more as there are no easy answers in the bewildering finale! Katie Parker’s superb performance as the younger sister who investigates the mysterious goings-on ranks right up there with similar female siblings in the genre who “take over” the film like Vera Miles in PSYCHO and Rose McIver in THE LOVELY BONES! She’s that good! Watch your back, Jennifer Lawrence! This chick’s a keeper! My grade: an A for ABSENTIA!
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I thought it was a pretty good movie, and the director's a really nice guy to boot. I think he's gotten a little bit more money to flesh out a short he did years back, Occulus, which was pretty creepy. Should be a guy to watch.
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I liked it. Not the best indie flick around, but very far from being the worst, and well worth a viewing.

It's a slow burn that relies on story and atmosphere over sight gags and gratuitous gore. Actually refreshing to watch something for a change that deviates from the cliché-ridden, CGI saturated genre.
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