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am i the only one that thinks Animated movies shouldn't count??
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Originally Posted by SkyNet View Post
am i the only one that thinks Animated movies shouldn't count??
Well, they're still movies in which actors contribute. It's fine by me to exclude them though. . . throw in TV shows too (or at least limit TV shows to where it's regular cast members only - like Jennifer Aniston in "Friends," but Bruce Willis in "Friends" wouldn't count).
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ya... i just think of it like: You could connect Orson Wells to Shia Labouf in like 2 moves if you go:

Orson Welles was in Transformers: The Movie with Peter Cullen
Peter Cullen was in Transformers with Shia LaBouf

instead of something like:

Orson Welles was in Touch of Evil with Charlton Heston
Charlton Heston was in Any Given Sunday with Al Pacino
Al Pacino was in Jack & Jill with Adam Sandler
Adam Sandler was in reign Over Me with Don Cheadle
Don Cheadle was in Swordfish with John Travolta
John Travolta was in Battlefield Earth with Barry Pepper
Barry Pepper was in Seven Pounds with Will Smith
Will Smith was in I, Robot with Shia Labeouf

that actually took me forever! I personally like it better that way! But im sure I am in the minority!
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haha but I have derailed this thread enough: Back to our regularly scheduled program:

Jet Li was in Lethal Weapon 4 with Mel Gibson
Mel Gibson was in Conspiracy Theory with Julia Roberts
Julia Roberts was in Larry Crowne with Tom Hanks
Tom Hanks was in Cast Away with Helen Hunt
Helen Hunt was in Pay It Forward with Angie Dickinson

Fred Astaire to Malin Akerman
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Fred Astaire was in Ghost Story with Alice Krige
Alice Krige was in Reign of Fire with Gerard Butler
Gerard Butler was in The Bounty Hunter with Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston was in Wanderlust with Malin Akerman

Joey Lawrence to Cary Grant
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Joey Lawrence was in Rest Stop with Jaimie Alexander
Jaimie Alexander was in Thor with Natalie Portman
Natalie Portman was in Your Highness with Danny McBride
Danny McBride was in Observe & Report with Seth Rogan
Seth Rogan was in Funny People with Adam Sandler
Adam Sandler was in I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry with Ving Rhames
Ving Rhames was in Piranha 3D with Christopher Lloyd
Christopher Lloyd was in Dennis The Menace with Walter Matthau
Walter Matthau was in Charade with Cary Grant

far more than 6 degrees but I did it!

Dolph Lundgren to Charlie Chaplin
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Dolph Lundgren was in A View to a Kill with Christopher Walken
Christopher Walken was in Roseland with Geraldine Chaplin
Geraldine Chaplin was in A Countess from Hong Kong with Charlie Chaplin

Emmanuel Lewis to Rock Hudson
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Emmanuel Lewis was in Kickin It Old Skool with Christopher McDonald
Christopher McDonald was in Requiem for a Dream with Ellen Burstyn
Ellen Burstyn was in The Ambassador with Rock Hudson

Eliza Dushku to Lenore Zann
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Eliza Dushku was in City By The Sea with James Franco
James Franco was in Pineapple Express with Seth ROgan
Seth Rogan was in 50/50 with Matt Frewer
Matt Frewer was in Dawn of the Dead with Sarah Polley
Sarah Polley was in Trigger with Lenore Zann

Alison Brie to Michael Richards
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Alison Brie was in Scream 4 with Anna Paquin
Anna Paquin was in The Squid and the Whale with Jeff Daniels
Jeff Daniels was in Trial and Error with Michael Richards

Patrick Dempsey to Glenn Close
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Jessica Alba was in Sin City with Bruce Willis
Bruce Willis was in Pulp Fiction with Samuel L Jackson
Samuel L Jackson was int eh Avengers with Robert Downey Jr
Robert Downey Jr was in Natural Born Killers with Woody Harrelson
Woody Harrelson was in the people v.s Larry Flynt with Edward Norton
Edward Norton was in Moonrise Kingdom with Bill Murray

Bruce Willis to Edward Norton
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bruce willis in ARMAGEDDON with ben affleck
ben affleck was in PEARL HARBOR with alec baldwin
alec baldwin was in THE DEPARTED with leonardo dicaprio
leonardo dicaprio was in THE QUICK & THE DEAD with russel crowe
russel crowe was in AMERICAN GANGSTER with denzel washington
denzel washington was in THE BONE COLLECTOR with angelina jolie
angelina jolie was in MR & MRS SMITH with brad pitt
brad pitt was in FIGHT CLUB with edward norton

or the really short version
bruce willis was in MOONRISE KINGDOM with edward norton

nicholas brendon and adam scott
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Squizzys that never got solved:

Patrick Dempsey was in Transformers 3 with Kevin Dunn
Kevin Dunn was in Stir of Echoes with Kevin Bacon
Kevin Bacon was in A Few Good Men with Jack Nicholson
Jack Nicholson was in Mars Attacks! with Glenn Close

Nicholas Brendon was in Hard Love with Bianca Kajlich
Bianca Kajlich was in 30 Minutes or Less with Danny McBride
Danny McBride was in Observe & Report with Seth Rogan
Seth Rogan was in Knocked Up with Adam Scott

Jimmy Stewart to Jon Stewart
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I think one should be required to tie the list to the original name of the game, Kevin Bacon. This has become too easy now. Jimmy Stewart to Jon Stewart through Kevin Bacon
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