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I've destroyed so many. I'm thinking of getting German Maestro GMP 8.35d. They look tough, the reviews say they're tough, and the sound is supposedly excellent for the price.

The price is under 200 or $200, I know the exchange rate between the two currencies isn't exact but headphones are less expensive in America.

Anyone have any experience of them, or could recommend anything else for the price?
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I bought some Sennheisers from Amazon for $20. They sound great and so far they're pretty tough.

Then again,. it looks like you're looking for an expensive set.
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Geez l can tell you l wouldnt pay two hundred dollars for headphones

but maybe if you look on Ebay they might be cheaper or someone might be selling a pair below 200dollars since on this site you can bargain for these and other things

i know alot of headphones fall apart after a certain amount of time but if l was you look around before you buy
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Stay away from the Solo Beats by Dre. They're just mediocre, and for $200, definitely not worth it.

Bose makes some great ones for sound quality, but I don't know about durability. I'm not sure what you do with your headphones that you manage to destroy them.

The ones you're looking at are pretty solid. Bulky, but if that's not an issue, they're worth it. My friend has a pair of Detox Beats. They have to be the most durable headphones out, but they're like $500 or something absurd.
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I was telling a freind about this and when l was asying about going through Ebay he said you should be careful because you might get a faulty pair

So in a way l gave some rotten advice
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Best bet is to look at models for sale, google reviews on them.

I had Sony MDR-V7000s and they were great for what I used them with. I would watch movies, listen to music - worked well for music especially. I found they REALLY shined when wanting to mix/balance tracks and levels when recording music.
After a few years, though, the protection around the foam earmuffs started degrading and falling apart in tiny clumps and would stick to the fingers and cause black dust wherever they were sitting.

People really like the Bose "noise cancelling" headphones. I spent hundreds of hours with them, and they are certainly serviceable. They rest nicer on the head for long-term use compared to the Sonys. However, "noise cancelling" isn't as effective as people think. People usually say "Oh my God they are so great I can't hear any outside noise when I'm wearing these!"
- First of all, understand that ANY full enclosure headphones will "cancel out" outside noise if you are playing shit with medium-to-high volume levels. Duuuh.
Second, noise-cancelling works well for lowering the levels of CONSTANT, DRONING NOISES such as a vacuum cleaner, or the engine noise in an airplane. It won't do shit for people talking, horns honking, etc... any more than "normal" headphones.
If you want something that truly reduces outside noise, I recommend earbuds. Many hate them, but I doubt many have used better quality ones. Those iPod earbuds should go straight from the packaging and into the trash.
I have Shure SE535s and Westone 4Rs. However, for a more budget responsible model you would be fine with Shure SE110s. I have those, too and they work rather well. They also come with other earbud tips, and the most essential part of good sound comes from finding the type of buds that have the best fit for your ear canal. Once that's done, all you'll hear - even at lower volume levels - is the music and maybe your footsteps if you're running with them on.
If you are willing to dig a little deeper in the pocket, the next step up in the Shure brand is the SE315 - better than the 215 with the HD drivers. I tried them out once, but I would say for most people the 110s are still good enough. The price jump to the next level of Shure earbuds (SE400/500s) is where you get dwindling returns unless you're a super audiophile, are rich and/or use them for more than just using an iPod.

The models I recommend are more for pure, monitor-level audio. Meaning there is little artificial equalizing, so you won't have as punchy bass or shrieking/crystaline highs you might expect. If you have a way of adjusting these options with external hardware then you're good to go; and the headphones/earbuds will replicate it nicely.

I think Dr. Dres are pretty Dreadful. Just muddy and overall shitty for the price range. I hate that they are so popular when you can get so much more for much less money.
Just don't give into the hype that "noise-cancelling" headphones are going to be more effective at blocking outside noise than other enclosure-type models.

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Originally Posted by KcMsterpce View Post

I think Dr. Dres are pretty Dreadful. Just muddy and overall shitty for the price range. I hate that they are so popular when you can get so much more for much less money.
The Solos suck, as do all of the earbuds. The Studio Beats and the Spec. Edition Detox beats are pretty great, but as you said, the prices are outrageous. Not sure why the Beats brand is so popular (Beats audio on laptops now is a big deal as well).

Bose noise cancelling headphones are also overpriced I feel. The Bose headphones I've used that aren't officially from the "noise cancelling" line are pretty sweet and significantly cheaper (AE2, sell for $134 on Bose.com) and they do a good enough job cancelling out noise.
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