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High on bath salts

High on bath salts, New York woman says: I want to 'kill someone and eat them'

A synthetic drug known as "bath salts" is blamed for some bizarre behavior in central New York, including a woman's alleged attempt to bite the face of a police officer.

Police in Utica were called to a city bar Saturday night to check out a woman described as emotionally disturbed. When an officer approached her, she lunged at him and tried to bite his face. Police say she screamed that she wanted to "kill someone and eat them."

The woman was taken to a hospital for mental health evaluation.

Later, police were called to a home where a 20-year-old man was reported to have threatened to kill his mother and other family. Police found the man, Aubrey Vails, had ripped a door off its hinges and was punching a car in the driveway. He was charged with criminal mischief.
There seem to be a lot of stories these days about this. Florida guy being the most famous. Now this is quite a drug. Makes you super aggressive and want to eat people. Sounds like Zombieland. I trust the proper authorities are looking into this. Last thing I need is someone trying to eat me.
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