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Katie Holmes To Devorce Tom Cruise


geez in a way l am glad Katies is leaving Tom

He was once married to Nicole Kidman and she walked away from him and l would say this is to do with the religion he is in and the stupid things he does for these people who in other words are weird

I remember when Nicole left him she had a miscarrige at the time they split and he didnt even care what she was going through at that time now Nicole is married to a Australian country singer and is happy at last

Scientintolgey has gone to his head and the things he does for this group are stupid

I know when Katie first married him she cut off all her hair and just didnt seems to be herself anymore

Only in the last two years she has been branching out and starting her career as a actress again

Plus her daughter is better off away for this religous group too and maybe she can now have a good upbringing
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We already have a thread on that. It's easy to miss though, since it's a few places down.

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Geez sorry about that

Thankyou Matchbox225 for pointing out my error
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