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ID a film based on an image please

Hey guys, bumped into this image and saved it. I've seen this before, but I'm not sure if this is a film.

When I saved the image it was named "walpurgi" I googled, that and couldn't find anything

Here goes.

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Dr. Walpurgis or Dr. Terror, was a horror host on the BBC in the 90s.

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Thanks.I remember now this image, though it actually wasn't this particular guy at all. Had this been a film I think that would solve my annual battle to ID the film I've seen. The guy was normal, and in a suit (much like this guy) and there was some laboratory where some scientists tell him not to touch the stuff they're either cooking, or some lifeform they're studying. However I think it had more to do with chemicals. So he touches it, and I think he gets on fire and by the time he burns he looks like this Dr. Terror guy, only with brown skin, and jumps out the window to his demise.
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