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Can anyone who is familiar with the Gwen Stacy/ Mary Jane thing clue me in on that? In that I mean, well, what is the history of these 2 characters, when does Gwen Stacy go away and Mary Jane come in? Are these characters from 2 different universes of the story? I am not a comic book guy, so please forgive my ignorance!
Basically, Gwen was Parker's first true love. MJ was always around (she may have appeared in a Spidey comic before Gwen), and Peter even pursued her, but she actually dated Harry Osbourne when Peter was dating Gwen. MJ was actually good friends with Gwen. As was mentioned in a post above, she died, and it was really one of the more significant deaths in the Marvel universe.

MJ started to date Peter on and off, but she was always a little flaky in the comics, and Peter had other interests (most notably Felicia Hardy).

I used to read a lot of Spiderman comics, but as I got older I haven't kept up. I'm sure there are other versions of the story and possibly even some revisionist history, but what I wrote is the basic gist of their relationships.
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