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Originally Posted by SkyNet View Post
Hey Jo.. there is a possible minor glitch:

Whenever I am on the main page I have to log in to post on an article, no big deal... but for some reason that seems to make the forum not remember me when I come back and I have to re log in.

Not a major problem, cuz logging in isn't a huge deal.. but it is a minor glitch it seems and something I guess you should know about!

It has nothing to do with cookies, cuz I didnt clear my cookies from when I came from the main page to the forums, just seems that if you log in to one, it doesn't remember you on the other!
Thanks for that! We've actually got this one on our "bug" list already but thanks for noting it here for others. We'll eventually fix that as well, but we have a few more priority items left, after which we'll hopefully be all done.
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