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Old 07-12-2012, 03:13 PM
Ouya - The next big thing for independent gaming?

So first off the Ouya is apparently a new gaming console that could be coming. Its goal is to give independent developers more of a place to develop their games for a console minded presentation, in other words stuff to be played on TV's as opposed to tablets or smart phones.

Here is an article on Engadget about the Ouya

There is a pretty nice short vid that talks a lot about what they want to achieve with this console and it's pretty interesting. They talk about how the current console market is relatively closed to smaller independent companies if for no other reason that its really costly to develop for the 3 major consoles. This is apparently why mobile devices have had such a huge influx of independent games over the last couple years, cause its the only place they can get their stuff out there for the most part.

So a bit of a summary of things:
- They want to bring independent gaming to the "play on the tv" realm
- The device is to be completely open ended and will even allows buys to tweak it
- All games will (supposedly) be free to play
- A lot of focus went into developing the controller so that its something "hardcore" gamers will be comfortable with
- entire library will be digital

Here are some pics i found on google:

Now this thing is supposed to sell for only $99 on release and according to the article the company did some fund raising recently and raised $2.5 mil in about 24 hrs, which isn't bad. The article also goes into the flaws of such a format, citing similar other products that haven't done too well, but there is hope that this could be a big step in bringing more independent game developers to the realm of playing on the tv like a traditional console.
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