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Breast Implant Panhandler

Breast Implant Panhandler, Chrissy Lance, of Rittman, OHIO

AKRON -- In Akron, a panhandler is drawing a lot of attention. But in this case, it's not about money or food. Instead, one woman is panhandling for breast implants.

Dressed in a bikini, Chrissy Lance of Rittman, staked out the corner of Manchester Road and Carnegie Avenue to collect money with a sign that read "Not homeless. Need boobs."

Rittman, who says she has the required license to panhandle in Akron, says she has raised about $90 and isn't leaving her spot until she reaches her goal.

She works as a barmaid and says the implants will go far to "help improve her self esteem."
You have to love America.
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