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Old 06-17-2012, 05:04 PM
Rumor: Xbox 720 price Leaked and info leaked

A supposedly leaked Microsoft document could have detailed the Xbox firm's next-generation console plans.

The document, now removed at the request of Microsoft's legal counsel, but mirrored on Game Informer*, dates back to 2010.

According to its 56 pages, the next-generation Xbox will feature Blu-ray compatibility, a form of augmented reality glasses, "Kinect V2", a $299.99 price point and a 2013 release window.

It also references Microsoft's Smart Glass tech and supposedly aligns with information previously obtained by journalists.

Internet detectives have been sceptical as to the authenticity of the doc - it's not the most professional-looking thing in the world - but some important voices have come out to back it.

Xbox World's Michael Gapper said: "If it's a fake it gets a lot right. It's fabricated with good data, at least.

"A surprising amount is credible. Certainly more than I've detailed in XBW. They got the AR specs right, for a start... Still, there's a lot in there I know to be accurate that has, to my knowledge, gone unreported."

Tom Warren, senior Editor at The Verge told NeoGAF the information within the 'leak' matches up with what he's heard from Microsoft sources too.

"I have been reporting on Microsoft for around 12 years now. That's not to say I know everything about Microsoft and its processes, but I have a fairly good idea of what is and isn't an internal doc usually after the first few pages," he posted.

"This document in question is from August 2010, prior to iOS 4.2 (mentioned in the PPT notes) and when certain team members (mentioned in doc notes) were still at the company in engineering roles.

"The document references several employees by name and uses one of Microsoft's internal 'CSG_Pres' PowerPoint templates (an early example of their Metro style PowerPoint templates that are used regularly internally now).

"Couple this with the fact it aligns with other information I've seen about Nextbox over the past year, it aligned perfectly. The document also references Microsoft's SmartGlass technology (announced at E3)."



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Old 06-17-2012, 05:14 PM
I think this is a great idea on Microsoft's part because it blends the ideas of bringing all your electronics together in a synchronized way as opposed to being limited to the console and additional components that interact (i.e. Wii U). The only issue I can see happening is Microsoft not releasing as many games--in terms of variety--but instead software add-ons like entertainment equipment.
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Old 06-17-2012, 05:46 PM
Parts of "The document" taken from egmnow.com

from egmnow.com:

Real or not, here is what the document claims about the Xbox 720:

* It’s six times more powerful than the Xbox 360
* It will be set at a $299 launch price
* “Kinect V2″ will use stereo sensors, including two cameras
* Xbox 720 games will look 4x to 6x better than current-gen titles
* “Kinect glasses” codenamed “Fortaleza” are in development
* Fortaleza will launch in 2014
* The Xbox 720 will feature an “always on” mode
* Visual improvements include “true” 1080p and full 3D support
* A 10-year life cycle is expected for the Xbox 720


Fun fact: U can google "Fortaleza" can find that it is a City in Brazil.

I decided to add the "Triangle" concept picture from Kotaku because it kind of matches the KINECT V2's potential description of having TWO CAMERAS...
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Old 06-17-2012, 06:01 PM
56 pages and it barely tells us anything we didn't already know lol. It's going to have kinect and be more powerful! By golly!

I wonder if the 299 start point comes with a hard drive and kinect already with it? Somehow I kind of doubt it. I would expect 400 at least for those two things in a bundle.
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Old 06-17-2012, 11:16 PM
The price really does seem too good to believe, but maybe they know that's what will help sell it. The DVR and TV feature thing has me very curious. I wonder how that will work considering there are so many different TV providers out there. Will Microsoft somehow work along with all of them or is this their attempt at moving in on Directv, Comcast, Time Warner, etc's business? Hope all of that is true since it sounds good. Well, except for the Kinect shit. I still hate that thing and motion "gaming" in general.
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Old 06-18-2012, 11:59 AM
REPORT 1: Is Microsoft's 'major announcement' an assault on iPad?

There's speculation Microsoft plans to announce a new Xbox branded tablet running Windows 8 to take on Apple's iPad.

It's been over a decade since Microsoft launched its failed Tablet PC. While Apple's iPad now dominates the market, there's plenty of speculation the company plans to try again and will announce a new tablet at what it is billing as a "major announcement" Monday afternoon in Los Angeles.
"The whole idea would be that Microsoft would attempt to leverage its Xbox brand, its entertainment presence, to give its tablet something of a differentiation from the iPad and maybe even the Kindle Fire," said Todd Bishop, tech analyst with Geekwire.com, in an interview with Seattle's Morning News on 97.3 KIRO FM.

Incorporating Microsoft's successful Xbox and Xbox Live service could be a game changer as tablets become even more ubiquitous in the coming years, according to Bishop. The company recently announced several new services including "Smart Glass", which extends the Xbox to mobile devices including iPads, allowing for gaming and interactive experiences on multiple devices at the same time along with your TV.

The tablet would run a special version of Microsoft's upcoming new Windows 8, according to some sources. Others speculate it could run a full version of Windows 8.

There's also speculation the company will announce it is buying the rising social-media company Yammer. Several media sources have reported Microsoft plans to purchase the San Francisco company for $1.2 billion.

Neither company would comment. Microsoft will only confirm Monday's announcement will take place at 3:30 p.m. local time.



The thought of a Xbox 720 actually turning out to be some kind of tablet would match the image that I post on the very first post here...

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Old 06-18-2012, 12:10 PM
REPORT 2: "Xbox Surface" factsheet leaks: Xbox 720 to feature tablet controller?

A new leaked document has arrived on the net and reveals Microsoft's plan for a new Xbox tablet named "Xbox Surface".

The tablet will come in the 7-inch size with 1280x720 resolution, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

There will be several other features that can be observed from above image.

This leak comes when Microsoft is planning for a "Major announcement" which is still a secret.

Rumors are prevailing that Microsoft could launch their own Windows RT tablet. It could be possible that Microsoft is planning to reveal the Xbox tablet.

The timing is interesting as Microsoft has a "major announcement" planned for later today, where they could possibly show off a new tablet designed and developed by Microsoft.

If the above information is true, this could be our best look yet at Microsoft's tablet strategy, that is if this product is the one that makes it to retail.

Depending on the age of this information, products go through many revision cycles before hitting store shelves, so don't be surprised if we see a variation of the product described above.

Microsoft's event will start later this evening. The whole tech community is very excited about this announcement.

While speculation has been all over the board, Microsoft has done a great job in keeping it secret.



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Old 06-18-2012, 01:34 PM
All exciting news. I am hoping that Xbox leaked doc is mostly true because if so that is a sweet setup and a good price. I am curious what size drive you get for that $299 rice because if they are including DVR as well it better not start at 4GB. With the price of drives being so cheap I would think 500G would be minimum with an option to jump to 2TB.
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Old 06-18-2012, 02:42 PM
Originally Posted by MovieMaster View Post
All exciting news. I am hoping that Xbox leaked doc is mostly true because if so that is a sweet setup and a good price. I am curious what size drive you get for that $299 rice because if they are including DVR as well it better not start at 4GB. With the price of drives being so cheap I would think 500G would be minimum with an option to jump to 2TB.
They're probably going to be using a lot of cloud storage.
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Old 06-18-2012, 04:27 PM
Is this the "Xbox Surface"?


Here is a link that has the fill "leaked" document for the "xbox surface" or "Xbox 720"

ill be placing more here....

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Old 07-30-2012, 01:22 PM
Next-generation Xbox developer hardware leak may reveal Xbox 720 specs

(Article was dated: 7/30/12)

This past weekend, a supposed Xbox 720 “Durango” developer kit was posted on an obscure developer forum and offered to the public for the price of $10,000. The device resembles a traditional PC tower running a regular debug launcher, leading many to be skeptical about the authenticity of the prototype, which was said to feature an Intel processor, NVIDIA graphics, and “more than 8GB of memory.” EuroGamer’s Digital Foundry reached out to the source of the leak and multiple developers, however, and determined that the system is in fact “genuine.”

The man behind the leak, known only as DaE, revealed that Microsoft’s next-generation gaming and home entertainment system will feature an eight-core CPU, confirming previous rumors that have suggested the future system would contain six to eight cores. The next-generation console is also rumored to include support for Blu-ray, true 1080p and native 3D output, and is expected to be six times more powerful than the current Xbox.

Earlier rumors have suggested Microsoft’s Xbox 720 console will launch in November 2013.


(Article was dated: 7/30/12)

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Old 10-25-2012, 09:42 AM
Report: There's No Xbox 720, Next-Gen Microsoft Xbox to be Named "Xbox Next"?

The name Xbox 720 (Google search for "Xbox 720" brings 7.2 million results) became really popular among mainstream gaming media which was caught off guard when Microsoft deliberately chose the name Xbox 360 - in order not to face the battle of Xbox 2 versus PlayStation 3. As the results stand, Microsoft did manage to narrowly beat Sony in the battle of consoles, with 68.9 million consoles sold versus Sony's 67.2 million. Unfortunately for both players, Nintendo walked away with honors, as the company sold 96.7 million Wii consoles, and made a profit on every console they made (versus Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, which lose money on hardware and gain profit on number of games sold).

For the new battle of the consoles, we could end up without a single number in their names. Nintendo already made up their mind with Wii U; PlayStation could end up being named something like PlayStation Ultra or PlayStation World, while Microsoft is still deciding on the name.

Our sources close to heart of the matter told us while the final name of the console is still undecided, there are some names which were discarded a while ago. The final marketing call will be decided during the first quarter of 2013, with the introduction in the second quarter of 2013, probably at E3. Microsoft plans to have a large venue near to the exhibition grounds, such as the Nokia Arena and have a celebrity-laden launch, with the global marketing campaign to get tickets for the launch event covering all countries where Xbox will be sold. This naturally, will exclude many countries around the globe, an error which Sony used to its advantage with its region-free approach to PlayStation Network.

If our sources are correct, the candidates for the next Xbox name are "Xbox 8" (to align with Windows 8 & Windows Phone 8), simply "Xbox" and "Xbox Next". There was also a rumor that the console might be named identically to one of already existing services, such as Xbox Live or Xbox Kinect, but both of those names should be discarded. Xbox Four was dropped due to similar pronunciation of the number "four" and "death" in Mandarin Chinese. Xbox 8 could also be the bringer of good luck, as that number has particularly positive connotation.

What we know is that Durango development platform is finally running on AMD hardware, as the company taped out GPU which will be in use for the Xbox Next console. The initial Durango XDK (Xbox Development Kit) featured an 8-core Sandy Bridge processor (SNB-E, LGA2011 on a custom motherboard with embedded memory), 8GB of DDR3 memory and Nvidia Fermi-class graphics (GTX 570). The new kit allegedly comes with 8-core FX processor, and Southern Islands graphics, with the final console allegedly featuring Sea Islands, AMD's second generation 28nm GPU hardware.

2013 should turn to be a very interesting year in terms of consoles - watch this space for continuous coverage. But for now, you can done and dust the Xbox 720. As police officer in South Park says, "Move along people, nothing to see here."

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Old 10-25-2012, 04:56 PM
"Xbox Next" was a code name used the last time around. I doubt that's the actual name. And I don't think anyone seriously thought it was going to be called Xbox 720.

I haven't heard a name I like yet. Xbox Infinity is the last one I heard, which is kind of silly, considering that at some point, it will have a successor, and everyone will joke about it and call it "Xbox Infinity +1."
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Old 10-25-2012, 06:16 PM
The only thing Xbox achieved so far was to bridge the difference between the console and the PC. Xbox 1440 will actually be a PC in disguise
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Old 12-02-2012, 11:50 AM
Xbox 720 rumor report: Xbox World's penultimate issue = 8-page feature

The mag has good form when it comes to next-gen Xbox leaks, having revealed in January Microsoft's plans for augmented reality, directional sound, and a four-player, finger-tracking Kinect, all of which were later confirmed in the now infamous leaked planning document in June.

Editor in chief Dan Dawkins told CVG: "Xbox World has been at the cutting edge of Durango coverage for over 12 months. Unless something really dramatic changes, everything we reveal in our penultimate issue will be revealed long before E3 in June."

According to the mag's final 'exposé', the next-gen Xbox - which it speculates is likely to be called simply "Xbox" - will introduce Kinect 2.0, use Blu-ray discs and feature directional audio, a TV output AND input, 'innovative controller' and - at a later stage of the console's life - AR glasses.

Current codename 'Durango' dev kits boast a CPU with "four hardware cores, each divided into four logical cores" and an impressive 8GB of RAM, XBW reports.

Xbox World has used the Microsoft leaks and industry sources to come up with a 3D mock-up of what it expects the next-gen Xbox to look like.

"We built ours with the same glossy face and patented VapourMG magnesium alloy Microsoft uses for its Surface tablet, and modelled the silver band after its new 'Wedge' touch keyboard and flexible Arc Touch mouse," it writes. "The future will be black, sharp and curved."


image note: image is a mock-up of what the "720" might look like..
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Old 01-15-2013, 03:53 PM

..As for the Xbox 720, codenamed Durango, Microsoft is looking to equip the system with an 8-core CPU and a substantial amount of RAM, likely totaling 8GB – 1.5GB may be reserved to the Operating System.

When compared to the PS4, the Xbox 720 appears to be very similar in overall performance despite some differences.

A full breakdown of the Xbox 720 can be viewed below.

Xbox 720 "Durango"

+ AMD x86 Jaguar 1.6GHZ 8-Core [Targeting one core being dedicated for OS tasks]
+ AMD 8000 series GPU
+ ESRAM on the GPU (unknown amount)
+ 8GB Ram DDR3, [1.5GB of RAM likely reserved for the operating system]

Launch 2013

Explanation: 720 has a lower clock, but more cores. 720 has more but SLOWER RAM. DDR3 RAM is usually good for things like multitasking etc....It is expected to be based on Windows 8 as well.


rumored target cost: $400
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Old 01-15-2013, 07:05 PM
Originally Posted by Ruly2 View Post
When compared to the PS4, the Xbox 720 appears to be very similar in overall performance...
Not surprised...
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Old 01-20-2013, 01:14 PM
Article: What is " iLLumiRoom"

iLLumiRoom technology makes your room the part of the environment of the arcade. The camera scans the area around the TV fits your game from the walls and the furniture.

iLLumiRoom researchers unveiled a new technology, which will make the living room as part of a video game played by the player on your home games famous “Xbox 360 - Kinnict“, where they develop into the game combines the worlds of virtual and real within the large display screen.

This ides is based on perception, which is still under development and which will be called “iLLumiRoom“, the technology “Kinnict” and the projector, the camera scans your surrounding area with TV from the walls, furniture and others and renovates the entire room and furniture into game region. Through this you can get a large display and expanded field of vision, not only on television, but also include the surrounding environment.

For example, if the game takes place in an environment snowstorm, the walls and furniture room will be exaggerated in this manner also giving the player an exciting atmosphere. Until now it was not clear whether Microsoft plans to assimilate this technology within the new generation of devices, “Xbox 360” or not.

At the conference of “CHI” which will start on April 27 in Paris, Microsoft will reveal more information and details of the “iLLumiRoom” technology.

main source: http://www.primagames.com/games/gear...iroom-technolo

I wouldn't be suprised if we see a small glimps of the '720' durring the SuperBowl..

Question: What do u thing the name of the Next Xbox will be?

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Old 02-06-2013, 08:55 AM
Rumor?: Xbox 720 will require an Internet connection to function

Rumors regarding the next round of consoles are always taken with a grain of salt, but when a respected gaming publication like Edge prints details about the new hardware, you tend to take a bit more notice. And what Edge has learned is not going to make gamers rush out and buy the next Xbox.

With the launch of the Xbox 720 Microsoft is expected to completely wipe out the used gaming market. The reason being the console will be an always-connected device that will require a constant connection to the next version of Xbox Live in order to function.

The games will be made available to buy through Xbox Live or in physical form using a 50GB Blu-ray disc format. The leaked specs of the machine are also accurate, with Microsoft choosing to use an 1.6GHz 8-core AMD processor, 800MHz GPU, and 8GB RAM. We can also expect the next generation of Kinect hardware, but this will again be a separate product gamers can choose to buy.

Edge’s details come from a source who has been working with the new Xbox and PlayStation, so most likely a developer. They also said that this time it’s Sony who has the upper hand simply because they are giving developers much more freedom with the hardware and development libraries. So while the hardware may end up being very similar in both consoles, it’s going to be easier to work with the PS4 and get more performance out of it.

By forcing an Internet connection Microsoft will be taking a big risk and could force gamers to choose Sony’s hardware instead. That’s assuming Sony don’t implement the same always-connected policy. The option to switch to Blu-ray comes as no surprise as there is no other viable large-capacity disc format Microsoft could use.

http://www.geek.com/articles/games/x...ction-2013026/ , http://www.gamespot.com/news/xbox-72...ection-6403498

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Old 02-06-2013, 09:30 AM
Hearing crap like that drives me away from gaming. Games are over-priced as it is and selling used copies is the only reason I buy 90% of the games I do. It's rare that a game is worth it's value. And the always connected thing is even more annoying. I have Xbox live and everything, but there are times when I'm playing that my connection will go out just because those things happen (I'm more of a single player gamer). Why even have a console then? It sounds like a PC.
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Old 02-06-2013, 02:45 PM
If Microsoft decides to cancel used games on the system, it would work in Sony's favor if they did the opposite. I don't understand a company doing this. It's like shooting yourself in the foot.
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Old 02-11-2013, 04:24 PM
Article: We Know All About The Next Xbox, From Someone Who Says They’ve Got One

The next-generation Xbox—the one that will follow the still-popular Xbox 360—will run multiple games at once, require game installations, and will only work when a much-improved version of the popular but divisive Kinect sensor array is plugged in, according to a source who says he has access to development hardware.

Those are a just a few details about the new console, codenamed Durango, that were shared with us by a person with access to next-gen information. Our source also claims to have a pair of Durango development kits.

We've also heard more about how the system apparently works and what it will be like to control it and play games on it, though we've not seen the unit ourselves. Our source even claims to have played some Durango games, describing the graphical leap from current-gen console gaming like going from playing Halo 2 on an original Xbox to playing Crysis on a powerful PC.

Our source for this new info goes by the name SuperDaE. He first came to the attention of lots of people last year, when he tried to sell a Durango development kit on eBay (he says the sale was blocked by Microsoft over a copyright issue; we've asked them to confirm and will let you know what they say, if anything). He's an unusual but surprisingly well-informed source. More recently, SuperDaE contacted Kotaku with information about the next-generation PlayStation, all gleaned from more than 90 pages of Sony development kit documentation. He had new details to share about the next Xbox as well.

Like Sony, Microsoft refuses to acknowledge that their next-gen system is in the works and that people are making games for it. They're focused on selling current consoles, not giving people reasons to hold out for the future, no matter how near that future may be. As a result, Kotaku sources who have told us about things such as the codenames of the new Wiis, Xboxes and PlayStations of the world have done so from the shadows of an industry still not able to beam brightly about the next generation of console hardware. Sources can be mistaken. They can mislead. And specs can change. Nevertheless, what SuperDaE told us synched with other reports, and some details—such as the Durango's support for Blu-Ray discs—lined up with rock-solid reports we've gotten from our own proven sources.

None of the details that follow have been confirmed by Microsoft. When contacted about some of the specifics of the story late last month, a rep cited Microsoft's policy not to comment on rumors and speculation. We've asked them again about both the Durango and about SuperDaE's claims that his eBay sale was stopped by Microsoft (though it's unclear how effective that was—he's put a "Durango PC" back on sale on eBay again). Should they comment, we'll let you know.

SuperDaE's information comes from what appears to be white papers—overview documents—crafted to prepare game makers for the next generation. Much of what we learned from them presents the notion of the Durango as being an exceedingly capable console that merges the traits of a powerful game console with the expectations of multi-tasking users of smartphones and tablets. Peripherals such as hard drives and the Kinect sensor that were optional in the last generation are mandatory in Microsoft's next go-'round, according to SuperDaE's information.

Here's what we learned from our source, with the understanding that, while what follows is fresh info relevant up through the state of Durango development in January 2013, specs and plans can change. The likelihood of further changes does diminish as the console's expected late-2013 release gets closer. An important note: many of the specs we were made privy to were said to be set not just for development kits but for the final retail consoles as well.

As we reported a year ago, the new version of the Kinect motion-control sensor array will be included with every Durango sold. The unit seems far superior to the one currently found for the Xbox 360 (or the PC, for that matter).

Perhaps most importantly, this isn't an optional accessory. It's mandatory. Not only does a Kinect ship with every console, but it must be plugged in and calibrated for the console to even function.

This requirement is due to the way Kinect has been integrated with the Durango; because every console can be guaranteed of having the camera, developers can now program every game with the peripheral in mind.

It's also because the Kinect will always be watching you. The new version of the camera is able to track up to six individual "skeletons" in the same room at all times. This has clear gameplay implications, such as allowing a game to instantly identify a person, but could also be related to a recently-patented Microsoft system for monitoring and maybe even charging users based on who is watching what. SuperDae's Kinect documentation also makes mention of automatic player identification becoming part of a gameplay experience.

The camera has also been improved upon the models currently available, with the Durango's version capable of independently tracking your thumbs, determining whether your hand is open or closed, and even, it's claimed, reading your facial expression and seeing whether you're angry, sad or excited. The improved viewing angle is so wide that the new Kinect doesn't even need to nod to find the best viewing angle.

For more detail on the ways in which Kinect has been improved since the device's first release in 2010, take a look at the diagrams [see attached].

Storage & Installs
A point of confusion during the lifetime of the Xbox 360, and one of consternation for developers, was the way in which Microsoft split the install base of the machine, selling some consoles with a hard drive and others without. This meant games could not be programmed to specifically take advantage of a hard drive installation.

That divide is gone this time around, with all Durango retail consoles shipping with an HDD. That drive is 500GB in size, which should be enough for your media storage needs, but it'll mostly be used for games, which must now be installed immediately upon first insertion of the game disc.

What's more, this installation can take place automatically, while you're playing the game. Durango titles can be designed in "sections," so that you can pop your disc in, start playing and, in the background, the rest of the game will install. Installing games should bring performance improvements, we think, but doing so in the background should also get rid of pre-game install waits, one of the more annoying hold-ups of the current generation of consoles.

Durango game installations will also be mandatory, as games can't directly access data from the disc.

The Durango will be able to run more than one game or app at once, according to the information shared with us. If you're, say, a computer or smartphone user, this is not exactly sending-a-man-to-the-moon level of innovation. But game consoles have long been stuck just running the system-level functions (cross-game voice-chat, Achievement alerts, etc) while a single game runs. On an Xbox 360, even an app as simple as Twitter could only be used if whatever game the user was playing was shut down first. Durango, thankfully, gets past that.

The Durango is said to also allow games to be put into "suspend" and "constrained" states, which seemingly allow users to pause a game, switch to a second game, then return to the first game without losing their place, provided game developers follow some Microsoft protocols. Again, this is no revolution for users of computers, phones, or even Nintendo and Sony handheld gaming machines, but it is one giant leap for consoles.

The Durango's control pad will be a "natural evolution" of the Xbox 360's pad, according to SuperDaE's info. While this suggests a near-identical layout—not necessarily a problem considering the cross-platform popularity of the layout with the PC—Xbox 360 controllers won't work with the Durango, as they use what Microsoft is calling a "new wireless technology."

Companion App
Perhaps to complement the lack of direct advances to the 360's controller itself, Microsoft is looking to bolster support for its Xbox Companion App.

Some of the possibilities we've learned of are far more dramatic than those originally intended for the current version of the app, taking advantage of both a phone/tablet's motion sensing capabilities and Kinect to execute actions more like those you'd expect from Nintendo's Wii U controller.

Microsoft says, "There is no limit on the imaginative possibilities with this input medium and its screen real estate." The only question is if developers have the manpower (or willpower) to make the most of it.

While various outlets, including Kotaku, have shared information on the technical specifications of Durango development kits, the specs you're about to see here are those for the final retail units that consumers will be getting their hands on.

The next Xbox will run on custom hardware that includes an 8-core, 64-bit CPU running at 1.6ghz, an 800mhz DirectX 11.x graphics processor units and, alongside them, various "custom hardware blocks" that are able to handle certain individual tasks, taking the strain off the main CPU.

According to sketches from information shared by SuperDae, there's 8GB of DDR3 memory, along with a small amount of flash memory for system tasks. The Durango's optical disc drive is 50GB in size, while, as mentioned, there's a 500GB hard drive, with read speeds of up to 50 MB/sec.

If you've got a 3D TV set, the Durango is capable—if developers want to support it—of delivering stereo 3D content in 1080p.

Those reliant on wi-fi, and who were forced to pay for Microsoft's costly external adapter with the original Xbox 360, will be happy to know that the Durango ships with built-in wi-fi (though there's still an ethernet port for wired connections).

In terms of audio, the retail Durango will output via either HDMI or S/PDIF (optical) connections, and can support up to 7.1 channels.

There is always a high level of interest in a new generation of video game consoles, and things get particularly wild during the months before console-makers issue their official announcements. So much information flies around: some of it made up, some of it from sources we know, and some of it from sources we don't, characters who come knocking with extraordinary tales to tell.

No one seems to know everything about the new machines. SuperDaE, for example, offered nothing about the machine's name nor the look of the console or controller. He said nothing about the idea of the new Xbox requiring a constant online connection, something most recently reported by the respected Edge magazine. (One reliable Kotaku source has told us it's true, though, again, plans can change and the strictness of that online requirement—would it tolerate a spotty signal?—remains unclear.)

Soon, the leaks will be replaced by official statements and dazzling announcement events. It is nearly guaranteed that Sony will reveal its next PlayStation to the world at a major February 20 event in New York City. It's possible that Microsoft might try to spoil that event with a pre-show tease, or hold out as long as they can wait to announce—maybe until E3 in June.

For now, those who want to plan their console gaming future are left with whispers, rumors and leaks.

Our best sources continue to assume that the next Xbox will be out by the end of the year. With Xbox 360 sales remaining high, Microsoft doesn't have to put out a new machine, but with development so far underway and with hardcore gamers' apathy for circa-2005 console tech increasing, the time is increasingly right for a new gaming console.

We'll let you know as we learn more, and we'll be as clear as we can every step of the way.

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Next Xbox Might be Called ‘X8’

The tutorial pages on the official Microsoft website show how to use features on the Xbox 360. Seems normal until you look closely at two pages that say X8. On the playing games page, it says, “Play a Game (includes X8)”, and on the music page, it says, "Listen to Music (includes X8)". This would mean that the tutorial applies to the X8 console and the Xbox 360.

X8 is not that silly of a name, considering they have Windows 8 and their phone Windows Phone 8 OS. The 8 can be turned sideways and that resembles an infinity symbol, which means it could also be called Xbox Infinity. As of now, this is a rumor, and we will have to wait to see if this is going to be the official name of the next Microsoft console.

I did some research on Xbox.com and I found theses:

Play a Game (includes X8)

Listen to Music (includes X8)
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Rumor:Next-gen Kinect specs mark great improvement over predecessor

Xbox 720 or Durango or Xbox Next or whatever you want to call it is heavily-rumoured to feature in-built Kinect functionality. Alleged specs for the unit have surfaced online, sparking fresh debate over the console’s enhanced motion capabilities.

The rumour comes from a VGLeaks report, which states that every Xbox 720 unit will come with a Kinect sensor, and that Microsoft has significantly improved its capabilities.

Here’s a quick list of improvements when compared to the original Kinect sensor bar:

Improved field of view results in much larger play space.
○ RGB stream is higher quality and higher resolution.
○ Depth stream is much higher resolution and able to resolve much smaller objects.
○ Higher depth stream accuracy enables separating objects in close depth proximity.
○ Higher depth stream accuracy captures depth curvature around edges better.
○ Active infrared (IR) stream permits lighting independent processing and feature recognition.
○ End to end pipeline latency is improved by 33 ms
○ Tracking of players with height of one meter.
○ One mode for both seated and standing players.
○ Detection of hand states, for example, open or closed hands.
○ Detection of extra joints, and rotations for some joints.
○ Tracking of six, rather than two, active players.
○ Tracking of occluded joints, for example, an elbow occluded by a hand.
○ Detection of joint positions.
○ Detection of sideways poses.

The report is full of jargon which I’ll spare you here, but the bottom line is that next-gen
Kinect will be better suited to multiplayer titles – up to six players at once apparently –
thanks to an increased field of view, and greater skeletal recognition, which should make for increased accuracy.

The sensor will also be able to detect players at just 1.58 metres away, meaning players won’t have to shift their living room suite around any more, and that it is more accommodating to players of varying height.

The sensor will also capture and display your play-space image in HD at 1920 x 1080 resolution, which will display smoother in real-time thanks to an active IR stream. The bar also has four microphones to help pick players up more clearly.

What do you make of the above? Does it sound plausible?

Thanks OXM


I should point out that VGLinks.com also states that "Every Durango console will come with a next-generation Kinect sensor."

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umor: Durango/Xbox Next presentation hinted? (Updated)

We have talked a lot about the specs of Microsoft’s new machine, Durango, but, what about its presentation?

Well, we may have some clues: the company that held Xbox 360 E3 2012 presentation, Eventcore, has registered a domain, concretely, “XboxEvent.com“. Yes, it seems this is the month of events.

This could not mean anything about a supposed Durango centered event, but some rumors are talking about Microsoft’s new machine being unveiled some time between March and April. This event could be the moment chosen by Microsoft. A foretaste for all of us just before of E3, just where Microsoft wants to rock the show with all of its artillery coming to play against Sony’s one.

Update: CVG’s Rob Crossley claims to have a trusted source about Xbox Next/Durango presentation. “The next Xbox event is scheduled for April 26th, I’ve been told by someone I trust. Microsoft may change date, obvs, but diarise tentatively”. We’ll have to wait.

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New Xbox 720/Durango leaked details point to always online disc-less gameplay

Rumors of the next gen Xbox console have all alluded to Microsoft’s plan for an always connected device. There is some controversy around this feature, especially amongst those believing Microsoft will implement some sort of DRM scheme.

According to Edge and VGLeaks, fresh documents leaked reveal that the Xbox Durango will be “always on, always connected.” This is detailed in the ‘Durango Hardware Overview’ document that accompanies the console SDK. VGLeaks has a screenshot of the document along with shots showing the SDK installation process.
The console will be ready instantly when users want to play, and will always maintain a network connection so that console software and games are always current. With this “Always On, Always Connected” design, users will quickly and easily enjoy their connected entertainment experiences, with no waiting for the console to restart or install games.
The leaked document also confirms rumors indicating that while the Durango will have a Blu-ray drive, games cannot be played straight off the disc as it will have to be installed to hard drive first. The good news is apparently, gamers will be able to start playing the game as it starts the install process like Steam.

While the Xbox Durango may very well force gamers to always be connected online, it may not be designed to block used copies of the game. According to the document, the intent of the always online requirement is to update and patch automatically. It does open the door for publishers to block gamers with used copies if desired.


here is a list:
  • Always on, Always connected
  • Low powered mode
  • Kinect sold with every console, wider FOV, no motors, better tracking
  • Kinect is required to be plugged in
  • Low latency controller with "improved ergonomics", simplified interaction with console OS
  • Bluray drive
  • All games must be installed on HDD [you can start playing few secs after installation starts], game data streaming from optical disc not supported
  • Only digital audio out
http://www.vgleaks.com/durango-xdk/ [same link as the one posted above]

[update 2]

According to NeoWin, the upcoming console will be: "Always On, Always Connected", allowing the unit to update software and games in the background in a different power state, so that everything is always current. It's also likely that Microsoft will use this always online system to prevent game piracy, as well as provide a method for unique, bundled game codes that prevent game reselling.

The next Xbox console will arrive with a 500GB HDD, and the game installations to the HDD will be mandatory. You'll be able to play the game while it's being installed into the HDD but you won't be able to play directly from the Blu-ray disc.
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With more internet companies putting caps on your bandwidth, this is going to hurt gaming companies in the long run. Stick with offline, and find ways to encourage people to buy the games when they first come out.
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How many people have a place with all the furniture moved out of the way for ONE person to play on it, let alone six?
I understand it could work for large venues and gatherings, but I think the entire concept is shitty.
Sorry, guess it's just not my thing. If I want to exercise, I'll fucking do it. When I want to play a game, I prefer to "relax" and enjoy my time without worrying about bumping into shit and flailing my limbs like a degenerate epileptic.

I'm also sick of every system I own trying to be "connected". I have a Smart TV, not because I want to get onto Netflix (which isn't even available legally in Korea), but because I wanted a TELEVISION.
Almost any receiver out there has internet input, with the same damned internet options as my Smart TV, as well as my blu ray player, Xbox, PS3 and my computers.
Instead of being "cool", it's just a mess of superfluous options that I never asked for in the first place. Plus, it makes things that much more complicated to work properly and requires EVERYTHING to be updated with patches and firmware, posing even more issues with reliability.

Also, I hate the idea of cloud gaming for consoles. Now consoles are comparable to a PC in function and execution, meaning that you're paying for a plug-and-play, low rent PC that is already obsolete upon release, WITHOUT the ability to upgrade components and keep up with the times.
I see this also opening the door to all games having ads placed in play, and companies can keep track of everything you do and all the games you play, making you an unsuspecting target of future ads, for more revenue and a visual headache. Plus, you can't just play without logging on, meaning if your internet goes down you're fucked. Or if you want to take it with you while on vacation (I've done that before), and you're in a place with little or no internet, you have a huge paperweight.

Games have also become so much more complex to make with such stringent release timelines, it's disgusting that games come out buggy as hell on release, leaving many titles unplayable until at least a few weeks later, let alone being "fixed" up to YEARS later... This was one of the main complaints people had about PC games and why they liked the "simplicity" of console systems.
But now the line has blurred almost to the point of there being no difference at all.

It's good that they are thinking of not implicating the one-time license code for game purchases, but who's to say that will not be pushed forward in the future after people bought the consoles? Then you can't buy used games, you can't share your game with a friend, you can't take that game to a friend's place to play it unless you're willing to log in your account and their place, etc...

I would wager games will also go up in cost, probably ten dollars higher. Like $60 for four to six hours of gameplay isn't expensive enough. Sure you can get dozens or even hundreds of hours if you play games online, but then they release a new title in less than a year in that line, making all that work/leveling up useless. Plus, it's essentially the same damned game with minor changes that in the end equates to a download pack or an expansion.

Bullshit. I smell it. And it stinks.

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Rumour:Xbox 720 teaser picture posted by an anonymous Twitter acc

A Twitter account which seems to have been created recently has posted a convincing image of the Next Xbox logo.

It just reads “Introducing a new way to play” and is just called the “Xbox”. The cropped text below reads, “What’s next from Xbox” and this image could be captured from the internal Xbox Event that was held from March 4-7.

The Xbox Event agent leak revealed that Xbox and Xbox games were going to be discussed, and that made sense considering plenty of outlets were reporting an April 2013 reveal for the console.

Take this with a massive grain of salt though, since the potential of people trolling for attention is high when it comes to next gen related news. The logo looks terribly designed, though. The image was posted on 16th March and it is interesting that no one managed to find it until now.

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The Next Xbox Will Require an Internet Connection To Start Games, Sources Say

Originally Posted by Ruly2 View Post
According to Edge and VGLeaks, fresh documents leaked reveal that the Xbox Durango will be “always on, always connected.”
Two Kotaku sources have added more credence to the rumor that the next Xbox, expected to battle the PlayStation 4 in late 2013 or early 2014, will be an always-online system, though it will be able to tolerate dropped connections.

"Unless something has changed recently," one of the sources told us over email, "Durango consumer units must have an active internet connection to be used."

Durango is the codename for the next-gen Xbox.

"If there isn't a connection, no games or apps can be started," the source continued. "If the connection is interrupted then after a period of time--currently three minutes, if I remember correctly--the game/app is suspended and the network troubleshooter started."

The PS4 will not require an online connection to start or run games, Sony has confirmed. No gaming console ever has.

Reporting about the next-gen Xbox is still mostly a matter of checking rumors and leaks. No one in or out of Microsoft is authorized to discuss the console publicly. But there are a growing number of people tied to the gaming industry, including our sources for this story, who have had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with Microsoft's plans for the machine. Development of games for the console is intensifying. Microsoft has sent beta development kits, sporting a new controller and Kinect motion/voice sensor array to game creators. Our main sources for this story have a perfect track record in getting these kinds of things right.

That said, a caution and a caveat: other sources familiar with the codenamed Durango console have told us that they are still unaware of any Microsoft plans regarding an online requirement. No one has been able to say it's not true and some have speculated that this is required at the operating system level and therefore isn't something Microsoft has to tell all developers or retail partners. Microsoft also has the ability to change this type of requirement seemingly at a moment's notice through changes in firmware or networking infrastructure.

Microsoft doesn't comment at all about its next-gen system, so the best we have from them on the matter is as follows: "We do not comment on rumors or speculation. We are always thinking about what is next for our platform, but we don't have anything further to share at this time." That's from a Microsoft spokesperson after we asked, today, about this always-online rumor and told them this story was planned.

But if Microsoft is about to walk this back, they probably haven't done so yet. One of our sources says that the always-online plan was in effect as recently as two weeks ago.

The always-online rumor has been swirling for about a year. We'd been hearing it but couldn't nail it down with the specificity we have today. We raised it as a possibility, tied to a good source, but were unclear how dropped connections would be handled. We also weren't clear if this was something like Microsoft's anti-used-game system, a plan the company briefed partners on in 2012 but that we had heard so little of since that it may well have gone away--or if this was like the plans for the new Kinect, which, it has become increasingly clear, is an essential element of the Durango.

An always-online requirement would obviously be a big deal. It raises many questions about how the system would perform in places that don't have reliable Internet and about the extent that the connection would be used to authenticate ownership of games. This is something every gamer would want to know about. So, since we first heard about it, we have tried to confirm whether the requirement was real and in the cards. Sources in development, publishing and retail mostly responded with shrugs.

In January, the hacker SuperDaE began sharing official development documents for the next-gen PlayStation and Xbox. Many of the dozens of pages of the Xbox/Durango documentation were full of programming code but the parts in plain English--the parts that, honestly, we could understand--said nothing about an online requirement. They were, however, crystal clear about the new system needing the new Kinect to operate: "Every Durango console ships with a Kinect sensor. A Kinect sensor must be attached and configured for the console to function."

Some sources told us that they believed that the Durango development kit required an online connection so that Microsoft could keep tabs on them and update them with new, ever-evolving firmware. Others weren't sure.

A few weeks ago, we heard from one reliable industry source who told us about a Durango developer making a game that would use an always-online connection for gameplay purposes, to constantly be able to share game data back and forth. It wasn't clear, though, if this indicated the Durango's capacity to be always online--Nintendo's Wii had its own optional 24/7 always-online mode--or if the online connection was a must.

Meanwhile, the site VGLeaks, which appeared to have access to many of the same Durango documents shared with Kotaku by SuperDaE posted a new document that appeared to indicate an online connection was required for the console. It referred to an "Always Online, Always Connected" console, the better to give users current content and quick access to their entertainment, without waiting for updates or for the machine to boot up. We were unable to confirm this document's authenticity, but the major gaming website IGN reported that they confirmed that it is real. The gaming magazine Edge has also reported that their sources say the next Xbox will require an online connection.

The new confirmation we've heard from sources, including the specifics about how the Durango would handle a dropped connection, bolster our confidence that all this smoke is a sign of some fiery facts.

But why would they do this?

Every person we've talked to about the always-online connection, internally and externally, has been incredulous. They predict a fiasco. They detect hubris in a Microsoft riding high off of the Xbox 360's incredible post-Kinect sales performance. But they also detect, as I have, an intensified interest in Microsoft's part to position the next Xbox as an entertainment device, to not emphasize games as significantly as they had with past Microsoft consoles. Add that to far shakier rumors of the next Xbox working as a cable box or DVR or some other TV-viewing enabler--something not a single source of mine could confirm--and you might wonder: if my cable box always has to be connected, why not my next Xbox?

There are reasons for Microsoft to not do this, of course. They merely need to see the disastrous launch of EA's always-online SimCity and decide whether the negative backlash of selling people a product that can't work when the servers go down is worth it--especially if the earlier version of that product didn't require that kind of Internet connection.

They could also look at the competition and imagine a consumer standing at a store, deciding whether to buy a PS4 or the next Xbox. One wouldn't require online; the other, if our best sources are right, would. Surely, some would prefer the system without the online requirement.

As mentioned above, things can change. Microsoft may reveal its next Xbox this month, in May or, at the latest, at E3 in June. We'll know more then. We'll hopefully know what they've decided.

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Hey M$ , Stick you next console up your retarted corporate asses.
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Rumor: Xbox 720 announce May 21, out November claims tech blogger

Xbox 720 will be officially unveiled on May 21 and will retail in November, according to veteran tech blogger Paul Thurrott. Word has it the device will simply be called ‘Xbox’ and was originally intended to launch as two separate versions until one was scrapped.

Speaking on the latest What the Tech podcast, Thurrott laid down some rather bold claims about Microsoft’s new rig, and it’s not clear where exactly this information is coming from, so please do remain suspicious, take a pinch of salt and treat this as rumour only for now.

NeoGAF has a full transcript of the chat, but I’ve hand-picked the juicy bits below.

On the cancelled Xbox 720 model:
“The next Xbox is code-named Durango. And we have talked for a while about this notion that there might be another version of the Xbox that was just aimed at entertainment—a non-gaming device. That device was code-named ‘Yumo’ and they’re not making it. They may make one in the future, but it’s not happening this year.”

On the Xbox 720 price:
“Durango is going to be expensive [laughs], you know $500, $300 for the subscription model, that kind of thing, but you know, Blu-ray, blah blah blah, but the thing that interest me, going back and looking at some of the stuff I got a long time ago, it actually says ‘must be internet-connected to use’ in the notes. And that’s all I have, but it does say that.”

On the Xbox 720 announcement:
“Originally, they were going to announce this thing in April 24, now they’re going to announce it May 21. We know there are events occuring this year where we’re going to learn more about Durango.”

On the release date, pre-E3 showings:
“Early November, yeah. E3 is going to occur. BUILD is going to occur in San Francisco in June when they’re going to talk about the developer story because it’s a Windows 8 device. It’s going to have the same, or basically the same, developer tools and developer APIs and all that kind of stuff.

“So I think there’s a lot information to come, but I look at all this stuff that I’ve seen about Durango and I think, ‘it’s all positive.’ I don’t really see any bad news here at all. Like to me, everything I’ve seen about this is really positive.

“It’s amazing to me that, based on like no information at all, everyone is like freaking out about everything. Aside from this online thing, by the way, the number one question I’ve gotten from people is, ‘What does it look like?’ Who gives a shit what it looks like?

“I’ve actually heard from, by the way not one or two people, several people who’ve said, ‘based on what I’ve seen, Sony is going to blow them away.’ Based on what you’ve seen? You’ve seen nothing. What are you talking about? No, but you’ve seen literally nothing from Microsoft.”

On Microsoft’s new approach to the industry:
“The problem Microsoft has has nothing to do with Sony or Nintendo anymore, it’s Roku and AppleTV. The market for hardcore video games, the market of people will always buy the next Gears of War game, the next Halo game, the next Call of Duty game, it’s fairly finite. It’s a decent market, yada yada yada, it’s not the market for tablets, it’s not the market for smartphones.”


NOTE: Apparently Microsoft is launching a 99$ Xbox 360 codenamed "Stingray" this November alongside of the Next Xbox.
He mentions that it's going to be expensive. Apparently around $500 for a normal unit, or $300 for a subscription model.

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Okay. Here comes my rant.

Microsoft seems like a company that wants to equally satisfy and upset its customers when it comes to the products they design and create. In this case, the price. $500 for a console that requires a constant internet connection seems completely ridiculous. The arguments justifying the move when comparing items like cell phones and laptop computers is both ill-informed and completely missing the purpose of a video game console. Say if I wanted to play Mass Effect and I am in the middle of an intense level, and during this intense ordeal, my wifi connection goes out. Will I immediately be booted from my game or will I be prompted to seek a connection in order to continue playing? This move is bound to create frustration for online play and will likely result in poor sale figures for those looking for an affordable alternative.

If rumors of the PS4's $400 price tag are true, then I've already decided what console I'll be buying next-generation.
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What is 'Xbox Mini'?

The Xbox Mini rumors say the Xbox 720 add-on will bring Xbox 360 backwards compatibility and standalone TV functions to the Xbox 720.
As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Xbox Mini also addresses the Xbox 720 always online rumor.

The Xbox Mini, codenamed “Stingray,” would be pretty much a Xbox TV intended to compete with the Apple TV. The Xbox Mini is described as a passthrough device between a cable or satellite box and a television, which is along the lines of current Google TV set-top boxes.

The $150 price tag for the Xbox Mini will give you a smaller, stripped down Xbox unit intended to access the Xbox Live platform’s entertainment apps and play downloaded games. The pricing of the Xbox 720 is also said to be dependent upon Sony’s final pricing for the PlayStation 4.

The Xbox Mini would not be backwards compatible with the Xbox 360 since it won’t have a disc drive at all and games would reside on the hard drive. But it’ll still have Xbox 360 compatible hardware. In essence, this is Microsoft’s response to the Playstation 4′s On Demand games provided via Gaikai technology.

Interestingly enough, Xbox 720 backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 games is also addressed. Backwards compatibility “will come from the other unit [Xbox Mini] that will be networked with the Durango to provide this (not unlike the DVD add-on for the original Xbox). … You can control the Xbox Mini under a single interface and not have to worry about switching between devices in a single display input.”

It’s claimed that if you put a Xbox 360 disc into Xbox 720 the console will prompt the user to attach the Xbox Mini that is sold separately. Of course, while the Xbox 720 backwards compatibility issues have been answered, now gamers can be angry that they have to buy a Xbox Mini for their Xbox 720 in order to enjoy backwards compatibility.


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Xbox 720 specs echoed by Microsoft job ad

A new recruitment ad for an Xbox software development engineer at Microsoft – as spotted by OXM – states that experience with x86 architecture is desirable.

It’s a super slim reference, but it backs up one detail of a massive pile of allegedly leaked technical specifications for Microsoft’s as yet unrevealed new Xbox console, codenamed Durango and fondly nicknamed Xbox 720.


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If it requires online 100% of the time, I'm not ever getting it. End of story.

I like to take a console with me if I'm on travel. In countries where internet might not even be possible.

I hate having to patch broken games all the fucking time.
I want to plug and play; that's what consoles used to be best at.
Now, every time I turn on my PS3 I'm downloading updates, installing, waiting, updating again. Then I plug in a game, and it's more downloads/installs.

It's another excuse for companies to monitor every aspect of customers' usage, habits and interests. Then, they will use that info to push ads and other shit you might not be interested in.

Fuck that.

I really just want to put in a game, forget about life for a while, and not think about how my limited or extended use of games is being sent to a large database, keeping tabs on me.

For being "watched" all the time, I have a PC that's 100x better than any console - even the nextgens. If there are patch issues, well... at least I'm getting a shitload more for the effort.
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It's official, XBOX 720 UNVAILED on MAY 21

Here's a blog post from Microsoft spokesman Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb:
On Tuesday May 21st, we’ll mark the beginning of a new generation of games, TV and entertainment. On that day, we’ll be holding a special press event on the Xbox campus and we invite you to join us via the live global stream that will be available on Xbox.com, Xbox LIVE and broadcast on Spike TV if you are in the US or Canada.

On that day, we’ll share our vision for Xbox, and give you a real taste of the future. Then, 19-days later at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles, we’ll continue the conversation and showcase our full lineup of blockbuster games.

We are thrilled to pull back the curtain and reveal what we’ve been working on.

A New Generation Revealed
Xbox Campus, Redmond WA
Tuesday, May 21st @ 1p ET/10a PT/17:00 GMT
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Here is the email that I got

Title: "In 27 days…"
sent: Wednesday, April 24, 2013 2:15 PM
by: Xbox@engage.xbox.com

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[update] Report: Next Xbox hits early November for $499 or $299 with a subscription

A report from Paul Thurrott claims the next Xbox will launch in early November for $499. Alternatively, you will be able to purchase one for $299 providing you’re wiling to pay a monthly $10 subscription fee for Xbox Live.

The report also states it will have a Blu-ray drive – as previously reported, and will run on the core Windows 8 OS, also previously noted.

It was also noted in the report that: “The next Xbox must be internet-connected to use. This is source of the “always on”/“always online” rumors and isn’t as Draconian as many seem to believe.”

Microsoft will also release a third-generation Xbox 360 that “will be significantly less expensive than the current models,” and is currently codenamed “Stingray”.

We’ll find out more soon enough once May 21 rolls around.


Over at the Call Of Duty:MW4 forum that I started, I posted a leaked image of a Target flier that displays a NOVEMBER 5TH release date for The newly named 'COD:Ghosts'. Now, here comes the fun part: COULD THE XBOX 720 RELEASE ON THE SAME DATE AS CALL OF DUTY:GHOSTS? I say that the chances are GREAT..

What do u think?

update 5/6:

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The New Xbox: Touch Controllers and Named "Infinity"?

Is this the new Xbox logo that we’ll be seeing on May 21st? We know that the console exists with “Durango” as a code name, but we have been hearing over and over that the final device is going to be called the “Xbox Infinity”, and the image below is purported across Twitter and Reddit to be an “official leak”. But the logo on the left – sent to us by a source here in Seattle – doesn’t mention “Infinity” at all. In fact, it does more to reinforce a rival rumor that the new Xbox will in fact be called just Xbox, similar to how Apple ’s third-gen iPad was just called “iPad” and not “iPad 3”.

If the name is “Infinity”, though, then its taglines, like “Infinite Entertainment”, make sense.
Microsoft is interested in making sure its next Xbox becomes the centerpiece in users’ living rooms for more than just games. The current Xbox generation is as useful for watching movies as it is for blasting aliens, and we can expect Microsoft to want to expand on that as much as possible.

In addition to moniker whispers, we’ve heard a couple of things about the new Xbox’s new controller. Sources at Microsoft say that it’s a logical generational increment from the 360’s but with one major upgrade: A touch-sensitive area, similar to a feature on Sony’s new PS4 controller. The sources tell us that the touch area, which would be used for gestures to compliment the Kinect sensor bar, is also “clickable”, allowing it to act as a traditional directional control pad, like the one on the lower-left of current Xbox controllers.

No matter what Microsoft calls it (and it most likely won’t be the “Xbox 720” because, let’s face it, that’s stupid) it’s going to face a little fan resistance at launch. A much-publicized Twitter gaffe by a now-former Microsoft product manager essentially confirmed that the device will require an Internet connection to operate – even when a player is playing a game by themselves off of a DVD – which some gamers aren’t happy with, especially those in remote locations where Internet access can be spotty at best.

When asked to comment on the name of the console and possible controller changes, Microsoft didn’t have much to tell us. “We’re excited to share more about the new generation of games, TV and entertainment on May 21, but have nothing further to share at this time,” a representative told us. We can understand that.

added Rumored logo from Reddit and Twitter
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ID:	12048   Click image for larger version

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