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Man Banned From Facebook Over Sex Ratings Page


geez this man was a idiot but he had alot of followers who were doing the same thing and posting things about women

This bloke would rate sexual perfomace of women in central Victoris and then post down his results the police were able to get him off facebook because of alot of women complaing about him

I can not beleive it took nearly over a year for somethnig to be done about this

Some of these women or all women need to be careful on who they sleep with and get to know the person before getting into something like this as it can distroy you

Geez l live in Victoria and l would never fall for something like this this

I do think that facebook needs to watch what goes on but you can not be everywhere because these days there are alot of people who use facebook

Anyway l think this man desearved what he got and hope he stays away from social media sites or forums but there will be someone else will replace him

Women just need to becareful in these types of things and think before you do things because it can land you in to trouble

I know l would hate something like this to happen and having to view it would be worse

Anyway what do you think of this

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It's okay to have a blog about fawning over extremely attractive women in general (like MOVIE HOTTIES )

...but to get personal, that's where you run into trouble.
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This sex page was public and l can tell you if you were not good in bed you would have a reponse that would hurt a woman deeply

Just say a woman did the same thing and put down that mans performance in bed it would hurt him too

Poeple are so silly on what they do

if you have a blog well thats okay and if is private but you still have freinds veiwing it

What if those freinds told that girl or woman

How would you handle it
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