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Just so very bad.

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One of the King Kongs of the post-WWII nuclear age alongside Godzilla and Rodan, but just because a moth is the size of a building, it’s still the poor man’s butterfly. You watch a movie like this to get a crash-bang-boom course in old-school giant monster mayhem and special effects, and all the cheesy model and miniature destruction it entails. Unfortunately, you have to slog through about an hour of ridiculous acting and “drama” to get the entrée. Sorta like a restaurant that gives you three courses of salad, then finally makes with the real food when you’re starved and full of tasteless greens. Definitely see this for completion’s sake as a cinephile, to shore up some of your kaiju education, but don’t waste your time if you have better things to do. Like, pretty much anything. Even a Paul W.S. Anderson movie. Yeah, I went there, Mothramaniacs, what of it?

-> 3/10

Mothra is useless as well as a terrible mother. Her children are far superior and her sister (Batra, who is a bat, I know, how the heck is a bat related to a moth) is total badass.
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The Tall Man (2012) - ***

This movie is being wrongfully marketed as a horror movie. If that's what you expect going in, you'll be disappointed because it's not a horror movie at all. There are some thrills and suspense in the first half, but the second half contains some really intriguing twists and turns and the final scene is surprisingly haunting and thought provoking. There is a movie that it kind of reminds me of, but I won't say what that movie is, as that might be very spoiler-ishly to say. But a very interesting movie that is a pleasant surprise. A very different movie than I was expecting.

Mississippi Burning - *** 1/2

Pretty powerful and disturbing with strong work by Gene Hackman and Willem Dafoe. Ending felt kind of flat and anticlimatic though.

The Watch - ***

Not great but very enjoyable for the most part. Stiller, Vaughn and Hill are good but the real scene stealer is the wonderful Rosemarie DeWitt playing Stiller's wife.
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Originally Posted by Tagia_Romero View Post
Mothra is useless as well as a terrible mother. Her children are far superior and her sister (Batra, who is a bat, I know, how the heck is a bat related to a moth) is total badass.
Robert Smith > both.

"Rawwwwbuht Smeeeesth, Rawwwwbuht Smeeeesth!"
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On the Road (9/10)
Completely engrossing from start to finish. The period is authentically recreated, and the story is relevant to any era of young adults. I related to a lot of what these characters went through on a personal level. Performances were superb across the road, with Garrett Hedlund being the real stand-out. He completely nails this enigmatic character and has a unique charisma on-screen. His character is really the centrepiece of the film in the way that he acts as a catalyst for most of the other characters' actions throughout. He has a big job and not one moment rings false. His performance hints at a character that's been through a lot in his life, but we're left to come to our own conclusions about how he came to be the emotionally cut-off wanderer he is we meet in the film. Kristen Stewart is also brilliant and silences any critics with her performance here. She strays far from her good-girl image here and loses herself in the character. Sam Riley is also excellent, communicating the character's vulnerability and desire to break free of his monotonous life beautifully. The film is filled with many humorous moments and never takes itself too seriously, but is truly heartbreaking in doses as well. I loved every moment.
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The Watch - ***

Not great but very enjoyable for the most part. Stiller, Vaughn and Hill are good but the real scene stealer is the wonderful Rosemarie DeWitt playing Stiller's wife.
Her lingerie scene . . . oh lord.
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Sons of Anarchy: Season Three

Two words – Glasgow Smile. Two more words – Amazing Finale. And okay, two more words – Disappointing Followup. That’s the short story. The longer story starts with the second season finale not doing the first several episodes back any favors. Indeed, the characters seemed to be spinning their wheels for about five episodes as they dealt with the fallout of the cataclysmic events of S2, and the plot ground to a halt as a result. I’m all for more scenes of character interaction among the club (more Kim Coates as the perpetually wired Tig can only be good for business), but this show I’ve noticed works best when it’s progressing toward something while dealing with internal club issues and philosophical introspection. But with the whole Jax/Clay beef put on the backburner, the addictive tension that permeated S2 is largely gone, giving the first part of the season a more episodic quality of stops and starts. I did really like Hal Holbrook’s heartbreaking guest role as Gemma’s ailing father, though, a highlight performance. As is a certain cameo appearance by a certain author as the “cleaner” Mr. Bachman that begs first time viewers to remain nameless. Things don’t pick up until halfway through when the show shifts continents to Northern Ireland, which creates its own problems when Sutter and company introduce us to characters in the Irish charter of the Sons that, while important and shed more light on Jax’s father’s backstory, don’t amount to that much in the end once SAMCRO leaves Belfast. However, as disjointed as a lot of this season felt, the final few episodes when the club gets back to Charming are some of the best the show has delivered thus far. The last fifteen minutes were pure bliss to see unfold, and really makes up for any shortcomings the rest of the season suffered. Haunting, beautiful, funny, and bad ass – the essence of SoA at its best.

-> 8/10
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Four Lions (2010) - 8/10

I haven't laughed this hard during a movie in a long time.
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The Descendants - Pretty good performance from Clooney and I liked the story too. The ending was really touching as well. 8/10

Bring the Pain and Bigger and Blacker - These two standup routines from Chris Rock may not be quite as good as Eddie Murphy's but there is still a lot of funny stuff. 7/10
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Originally Posted by magjournal View Post
Her lingerie scene . . . oh lord.
Best scene of the movie!
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Last night I watched Amazing Spiderman. 6/10
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The Body Snatcher(1945)-8/10
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The Tall Man - 8/10
Pentathlon - 3/10
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American Gangster - Finally got around to seeing this film. It has been a while since I've seen a good drug film like this one. Denzel Washington was fantastic as Frank Lucas. Say what you will about Russel Crowe, but he is a fantastic actor, and he was great as Richie Roberts.
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Source Code - 7/10

Wrath of the Titans - 5/10
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On the Road (7/10)
Brilliantly acted, well cast, beautiful cinematography and moments of brilliance. That being said it dragged in parts, was hard to initally get in to and I felt little to no emotional connection to any of the characters. I could tell it would be a much better book than a film. That being said it is not a bad film by any stretch.

The Piano (7/10)

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Flying Leathernecks - John Wayne and Robert Ryan are both very good in this war film dealing with the struggles of pilots and their Commanding Officers during WWII. There are some good action sequences too. 8/10

The Great Divide (1929) - This film was a little haphazard - at times it tried to be a musical, a drama, and a western. This was made during the transition to sound pictures so part of its confusing nature is understandable. The best part was Myrna Loy's performance in a supporting role. I think she was one of the sexiest women during the Golden Age of Hollywood. 5/10
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The Grey (8/10)
Liberal Arts (7/10)
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Galaxy Quest (1999)

In all fairness this could easily be an unofficial sequel to the Star Trek franchise, a freak alternate universe thingy hehe. A cool satire or parody of the classic sci-fi franchise that mocks and homages whilst being immensely enjoyable to boot.

I never really thought I would like a Tim Allen film, he's never been my cup of tea and his films aren't exactly gold dust. This has to be his best and funniest film to date with a terrific Shatner type performance as the Captain. I love the way he oozes around the conventions basking in the glory that is he. The show revolves around him, it would fold without him, grasping at all the attention that comes his way...brilliantly done.

The rest of the crew is also created, cast and visualized perfectly. The best for me being Rickman as the tired failed dramatic actor 'Dane aka...'Dr Lazarus'. Alongside Allen with his ego trip Rickman is so so damn hilarious, the way he cringes at all the fans, shuns the ridiculous questions, the attention and rolls his eyes whilst squirming at the geeks that swarm around him.

Kudos to the extras that played the geeks and nerds. I dunno if they were actual fans of Star Trek or general sci-fi (I'm guessing they were) but I'll bet they were regulars to conventions. Whoever they were they really nailed the whole image and reputation these type of folk have haha. The interaction with Rickman's character in one sequence is flippin' comedy gold!.

The whole crew line up is excellent but the way the film floats between the 'TV in-show' and the real situation they are all thrown into is sheer quality. Surely the best humour must be how Allen's crew must adapt and recreate how to actually take command of a real starship, fire torpedoes, land, use communications etc...like they pretend to do in their show.

What is really hilarious is how its all so accurate to Star Trek! its so darn close you forget they are taking the piss haha. I love how Shalhoub tries to explain to Allen that their engine is basically screwed but in the most basic babyish terms he can. The way Rockwell points out that there's a red thingy moving towards the green thingy on the radar screen, and that he thinks they are the green thingy. Also the way he has constant panic attacks as he knows he's the expendable crew member that always bites the dust in these types of situations (redshirt).

The only crew/cast member that I didn't think fit was Weaver as 'DeMarco'. I realise the whole point of her character is she does nothing in their show but poor old Weaver does pretty much nothing in the film also hehe. Its odd to see her so sexed up too, the blonde doesn't suit her methinks, I reckon they should of cast more of a bimbo for that role myself (in reality), space slut played by a real life slut of sorts. Mitchell was another character that didn't have as much of the screen time but the sequences where he's trying to fly the ship, especially as they leave spacedock, are priceless.

I don't think it was too hard to nail the look of this film at tall, it only needed rickety sets and the odd bit of CGI. The 'TV in-show' scenes were nicely crafted to look cheesy, the actual sets for the real ship were also slightly leaning towards cheesy so no problems there. CGI in space was average but that went along with the films vision where as the makeup and prosthetics for the evil 'Sarris' by Stan Winston was both childish yet really cool. He pretty much looked like a missing mutant character from a 'TMNT' kids film, a typical action figure type design which kinda looked like the bad guy from 'Suburban Commando'.

Gotta love the way Allen's character slimes his way around 'Sarris' his first time in space yet not realising its all real, yes its obvious humour but come on...its funny stuff.

Such a perfect sent up of Star Trek, if I were one of the real Trek cast I probably would have been rather embarrassed to watch it. Its not suppose to look fantastic and its not suppose to be grand or serious in any way obviously. The humour is very silly, childish in parts yet devilishly wry, dark, sarcastic and ironic in others. If you love Star Trek or sci-fi you can't fail to enjoy this.

'Quellek... by Grabthar's hammer... by the Sons of Warvan... you shall be... avenged'
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The Relic - ** 1/2

Pretty dumb with a dull first half, fortunately the second half things improve. It's still incredibly dumb, but it's much more fun and energetic. I wish the movie weren't so darkly lit though.
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Originally Posted by ilovemovies View Post

The Relic - ** 1/2

Pretty dumb with a dull first half, fortunately the second half things improve. It's still incredibly dumb, but it's much more fun and energetic. I wish the movie weren't so darkly lit though.
Read the novel from Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. It's way better and there's a sequel called Reliquary.


If you're a Bob Marley or reggae music fan you must see this documentary. Well directed, edited and the interviews are interesting from the people who knew the legend.
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Now a days people are watching graphical and love movies...........

Thank you
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Originally Posted by MidnightAngel View Post
Read the novel from Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. It's way better and there's a sequel called Reliquary.


If you're a Bob Marley or reggae music fan you must see this documentary. Well directed, edited and the interviews are interesting from the people who knew the legend.
I don't even like reggae music and I thought the doco was excellent.

Killer Joe (8/10)
Machine Gun Preacher (7/10)

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Bullhead - I liked this drama about a cattle farmer and the consequences of his actions. It is a pretty gritty story and there is one flashback scene in particular that is pretty tough to watch. The ending was a bit of a letdown but otherwise it is an intense film. 7/10

Monsieur Lazhar - The lead actor was pretty good in this story of a man who appears at a school to take a suddenly vacant position and has a secret past. For once the kids in a film actually contributed something as well. 7/10
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Rollerball (2002)

Within the first few minutes of this film you can easily see the direction its taking and that its gonna be bad. With horrible computer generated images and heavy metal playing straight away its all too clear you are in for a modern piece of crapola.

The first action sequence has 'Jonathan' flying down San Francisco streets on some kind of skateboard thing, kinda like a toboggan or something. Its pointless, bland, completely uninteresting and makes no difference to the plot, just like the entire film. It is there we find out Chris Klein is our hero, playing the role James Caan did so well, what is totally ridiculous is in no way does Klein look like he could be a powerful 'Rollerball' player.

As for the game itself its a horrific mess of over the top unrequired gloss that is completely the opposite from the original material. All the players are decked out in pathetic costumes that look like something from a mardi gras, the women are squeezed into rubber/latex fetish outfits (I quite liked that) and the helmets worn just make you laugh, talk about nonfunctional for the game. Everything in this film is needlessly blown out of proportion whilst also ejecting the entire sterilised political bigbrother type concepts of the first film.

The other hilarious issue with this film, apart from the pantomime like costumes on the players, is the track or arena. The track where the games are held in the original film was a large circular hard surfaced arena like in speed skating (without the ice naturally). In this remake the track is a figure 8 shape with ramps, dips, bumps, high levels and what looks like chutes to skate down, in short it looks like a kids skateboard park cross adventure playground.
This whole concept completely removes you the viewer from the film as there is simply no way the huge amount of players and bikes could fit on this pathetic track/arena. You can see they don't in many shots throughout the film!, its a total fudge up I tell ya, a funny one at that. The action is a horrible muddle of skating, blood, fighting and stupid bike stunts all crammed within this tiny arena, at the same time you have other players skating down from higher levels or platforms for no apparent reason other than to look cool in the film.

Oh and the track/arena had its own rock band on the sidelines to play the right tone of metal to accompany the in-game violence. Do I need to mention how jokey that is? yes...yes I do, it was embarrassingly jokey, just like the oversized helmets some of the players wore.

I understand that the original 77 film had limitations of tech for the era and I'm sure it may have been more stylised and flashy if the creators had the modern benefits this 02 film had. But like many other films ('Star Wars') the limitations of the time proved to be the films winning key, this element like other modern films has been lost completely here.

Instead we are presented with an absolute turd of a film with shockingly bad 'action' set pieces (despite not actually requiring major action set pieces for the plot), dreadful visuals that might as well be that 'Gladiators' TV show complete with glitter and sparkles, a god awful thrash/heavy metal soundtrack just in case you forgot this film was suppose to be tough and your obligatory dire big name cast hot of the heels of other poor major blockbusters (yeah stick him/her in it, big name, can't go wrong, doesn't matter if they actually fit the role or not pfft!).

The finale is a typical example of how less is more. The whole film is an example of how less is more frankly but the ending is so cliched and dumb it was awkward to watch.

A vile modern remake that deservedly flopped bigtime thank god. Its just a shock that McTiernan was behind the camera for this, the man who gave us 'Die Hard' and 'Predator' for fudges sake!.
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Wizards (1977)

Bakshi's first foray into fantasy animation and the experience he needed to gain confidence for his vision of 'The Lord of the Rings'.

The story is simply about a post apocalyptic Earth where mutants live alongside new races of elves, dwarfs and fairies...yes. Two brother wizards battle each other, one on the side of the elves and dwarfs, the other with the mutants. They rage war to claim/save the Earth as you might have guessed.

This sure is a weird combination of ideas that's for sure, hand drawn animation of goblins, elves, wizards, knights, mutants etc...Rotoscoping used for many battle sequences which appear to show various winged demons, orcs/goblins, many more knights and various live action sequences taken from other films and historic footage.

The whole idea is the baddie wizard with his mutants discover ancient buried technology from our present day and use it against the good forces. This includes planes, tanks, machine guns and a film projector which projects footage of Hitler and his Nazi's. Certainly an odd inclusion for what was meant to be for youngsters as well as adults. Never the less this animated film shows how propaganda when used correctly can be devastating just as technology can be. There are a few allegories within this film which are quite clever and would clearly go over a kids head, I was never really sure who this film was really aimed at.

There are plenty of bloody moments throughout just like in Bakshi's 'LOTR', lots of creatures getting cut down with blades and shot to pieces by gunfire, even an arrow and meat cleaver to the head for two unlucky characters!. Add to this hookers that hang around in the streets of the evil wizards city of 'Scortch' and the good wizard 'Avatar' has a sidekick fairy in training called 'Elinore' who is dressed in a very skimpy breast revealing little number ('Jessica Rabbit' eat your heart out). Clearly for the adults and clearly Bakshi utilizing his skills from previous urban based animations.

A strange mix of different concepts but definitely no lack of imagination and flare. The animation is your typical 70's look which I'm OK with I guess, it does age somewhat naturally but reminds me of many tatty old foreign cartoons from my childhood which were slightly obscure. A strong colour palette much the same as 'LOTR' incorporating nice dark cloudy skies, bleak murky landscapes and some decrepit dusty old cityscape's set the scenes nicely. The blend of animated characters and rotoscope is fine but not as natural looking as the latter 'LOTR', this tends to look a bit crowbarred together, plus the animated characters look a tad too cartoonish in places.

Overall its hard not to compare to this to his other cult work, but the Tolkien adaptation probably wins due to the story for one and the fact visually its a more oiled machine. 'Wizards' is an interesting but not very novel idea about simple ways vs technology. All the archive footage from Nazi Germany is possibly not required along with the baddie characters having Swastika's on them, comes across more like a fascists wet dream from time to time.

I do like this film more for the artistic side really, the rest is somewhat dull with a lot of dialog that is uninspired. Some characters look really good like the thin soldiers wearing gas masks, whilst others look like something from a cheap kids flick. Certainly worth a watch but its nothing to rave about. A Bakshi oddity which remains a full cult with intriguing visuals but little else.
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SHOWTIME (2002) - 3/10

Eddie Murphy was already sucking by the time this movie came out, but it's the beginning of the end of DeNiro's career, whereupon he's decided to do shitty comedies. Pathetic.


Nothing to see here, really.

HATFIELDS & MACOYS (2012) - 6/10

It's alright, I guess, but it would have been much better if it was in TWO parts, not three. Tom Berenger, man, that guy was unrecognizable! Costner fits perfectly into his beard and the old west outfit, and Bill Paxton wasn't bad.
The whole Romeo & Juliet romance bullshit was annoying as fuck, and I also hated the soundtrack, which consisted mainly of a woman singing messy soprano "aaaahhhh's" to a cheap and simple melody.

I wouldn't NOT recommend this, but if you miss it you won't miss much.
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Delta Heat (1992)

Missed this classic cop duo action thriller, I think everyone did. Even though it was made in 1992 you would think it was an 80's film looking at the state of Anthony Edwards and his wardrobe. His hair cut is really something to been seen, on top of that the earring that he sports is truly unthinkable.

I really can't think of many less likely or worthy to be cast in a cop buddy action flick than Edwards, the man is not the right type for action films. I still ponder how he got cast in 'Top Gun'. His partner in this is Lance Henriksen who as usual is on top form hamming it up something chronic as a Southern swamp dwelling Dixie with an alligator obsession (he lost his hand to one).

The film is clearly suppose to be along the same lines as 'Beverly Hills Cops'. There is the obligatory smart ass humour throughout which isn't really that funny, chirpy little tunes of the South to give that quirky not too serious feeling and pretty much everything else you might expect from this type of film. Odd thing is there isn't that much action in the film.

An original double team in the form of a slick Hollywood cop who dresses like an 80's reject and scruffy looking 'Crocodile Dundee' type from down South. I give the film that but otherwise its pretty poor stuff with not much to recommend unless you really love Henriksen and his characters (his second film based in the Bayous of New Orleans).
Old 08-05-2012, 06:30 PM


Many straight to dvd movies suck but very few don't and this one of them.
Old 08-05-2012, 09:00 PM
The Muppets - I wish they didn't break the fourth wall so much - it kind of seemed like they were going for cheap laughs when they kept doing it. Other than that the story was alright with some good songs and I really liked the casting of Amy Adams. She seems like she would fit right in with Muppets. 7/10

Intolerable Cruelty - This is probably the Coen Brothers worst film but even that isn't so terrible. Clooney was pretty good but I don't think the writers really understood how a prenupt works. I'm pretty sure ripping up the paper doesn't nullify the contract. 5/10
Old 08-05-2012, 11:17 PM

Elite Squad: The Enemy Within - 2010 (10/10)

Just to be on the safe side I look it up and find that this is a sequel to Elite Squad (that I have yet to watch, not knowing this was a sequel) but regardless I, now, believe the director Jose Padilha has what it takes to bring to the screen the Robocop "remake","reboot" whatever you want to call it, to life. It was absolutely brilliant and it's a shame most movie-goers prefer a mindless piece of crap Transformers movie from Bay and watch that movie make gazillion of dollars. Probably going to have to watch the first one to really understand this one though. It's also a shame Hollywood can't see the light by making more movies like this; although I think its kind of funny that when I started to watch this movie it spend like 2 full minutes showing the production companies along with the sponsors that help pay for the movie, even though i didn't really see any of the sponsor(or where they sponsors?) in the whole of the movie. Still more people should try to watch this, you won't be dissapointed; the only problem is that its a subtitle movie so if you don't like to read subtitle then the movie it's not for you.
Old 08-06-2012, 01:11 AM
Friends with Benefits (7/10)
Amour (8/10)

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Old 08-06-2012, 08:26 AM

Re-watch. Having loved Hardy as Bane in TDKR, I popped this on again for a re-watch. I liked the it the first time but didn't really know what to make of it. I was expecting something more straight forward I guess. Upon my second viewing I fell in love with it. Hardy was absolutely robbed of an Oscar nod. He is fucking incredible here. I was able to absorb the style of the film much better this time around and it's a great take on the more standard biopic film. I especially loved the one man show deal Refn incorporated into the film. And lets not forget how damn funny this movie is. It's downright hilarious much of the time.

Old 08-06-2012, 04:04 PM
Funny Games (foreign)

it seems like this movie wants you to side with the two crazies in the movie. it's a strange movie and the writer/director actually re-made it in English, too


***minor spoiler***

towards the end what's up with the scene with the remote control?
Old 08-06-2012, 04:35 PM
The Dark knight 9/10. Nice
Old 08-06-2012, 05:03 PM
Mrs. Ashboro's Cat - 4/10
Old 08-06-2012, 09:45 PM
Operation Pacific with John Wayne - A solid if unspectacular WWII film in which Wayne must deal with problems both at sea and at home. The technical aspects were good it was just the story that was mundane. 6/10

Martha Marcy May Marlene - Elizabeth Olsen gave a really good performance as did John Hawkes but overall the film wasn't that great. The story has been done before and this film doesn't really add anything new. 6/10
Old 08-06-2012, 11:10 PM

I highly enjoyed both of these movies. Until I saw World's Greatest Dad a year or so ago I never realized Bobcat Goldthwait was such a dark comic genius.

I liked it but not as much as the first two in the series but better than the prequel. It's pretty predictable from the moment the opening sequence. Let's face it the Underworld movies have never been high art or wholly original. Nor the best made but they are entertaining action flicks with some nice scenery (meaning of course Kate Beckinsale). I wish Scott Speedman had been in it and they didn't try some cheap tricks to have his character still present.
Old 08-07-2012, 02:06 AM

Total Recall (2012) - * 1/2

A boring, inert, lifeless experience. A pale imitation of the original in every way imaginable.
Old 08-07-2012, 04:12 AM
La Vie En Rose (7/10)
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