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Rejuvenate the love for Number Four

John, handsome alien of 15-year-old from the planet Lorien, was sent away from his planet along with eight other teens to protect their kind

All these nine people are connected in a way that allows them to be killed in numeric order only.
Every time a person is killed, John gets a scar on his leg.
He and his guardian has to keep moving, they can't leave their imprint anywhere. It is too dangerous to get located.

Still unaware of his powers and pissed off with his escaping life, John enrolls in a new school to live a normal life. But anytime between the class his powers will show up and his hands will emit heat. This is not normal and so he becomes rebellious and more frustrated because of his identity. (Imagine a situation where you don't know your past, have lots of questions, something or the other weird stuff keeps on happening with you. You will feel the same.)

He escapes from his guardian and explore his powers just like you have seen Spiderman exploring his powers for the first time. Running, jumping, flying all over the terrain.
Now is the time to face his destiny and the people who want him dead. Along his way, he meets number 6th and set out to find all other members alive.

Leaving his lady love behind was never easy, but he has to move on like forever. He can't risk her life

I am eagerly waiting for the next movie in this series (if there is one)
I just love these fictional characters and the action involved in such movies

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