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Feast (2005 - 2009)

Feast (2005)

Doesn't pretend to be original, far from it, this is your basic group of random survivors holed up and fighting off some nasty monsters with little weaponry. One by one people go down as the creatures rip them apart, no one knows where they are from or what they are, its a very simple premise but always effective.

This isn't as good as I thought it would be as the creatures do look ferocious enough in the face but when seen from head to toe they do look rubbery and obviously a man in a suit. Of course you don't see them much as the camera work is fast n furious when the action kicks in and this is actually one problem with the film, the action cuts and moves very fast and its hard to follow and know who's been killed.

There is a good sense of being uneasy as you watch the film though as you genuinely don't have a clear idea of who will survive from one minute to the next, there are a few 'Ellen Ripley' wannabes but not even they are guaranteed to make it hehe. Plenty of gore and body parts and the always amusing sight of a bunch of people facing mortal danger yet still intend on beating each other up and acting aggressive to one another to help their precarious situation.

Feast II: Sloppy Seconds (2008)

Same as before with a group of folks trapped now in a small town as they get eaten one by one yet still manage to kill each other and other survivors they find along the way.

Following on from the first with a couple cast members and simply adding lots more blood and gore all over the show yet losing any kind of quality in the process. This film is pure B-movie if that, the effects are very dodgy looking with terrible bluescreen shots, the creatures look even more rubbery than before as they run around and the cast are lacking at best, some of the main characters don't even have a single word to say during the entire film!

Feast III: The Happy Finish (2009)

Well the first film was pretty reasonable, the second went towards B-movie in a big way but this final installment has really gone down the plughole. Its a total mess in every aspect, the plot is all over the place as the characters don't seem to have any plan or anything to do as they run around just getting killed, there seems to be some zombies living under the town now for some reason and I've never seen so many characters come and go in a film, new people enter the fray and get killed within minutes!

The ending is completely off the wall, well there isn't a proper ending as such and the blood n gore is still high but this seems like a ploy to attract viewers...seeing as there is no plot. The story is carried on from the second film but nothing much happens or is explained so don't go thinking you must see this last part unless you just wanna see more people getting killed and not much else.
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My favorite trilogy to come out in an insanely long time...had so much fun watching all three, and with a second go around recently, the entertainment didn't fade. Wish this would've gotten more attention and push from the distributors, would've been so fun and good for horror fans to watch on the big screen.
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