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Originally Posted by bigred760 View Post
Wow - reminds me of the "Leave Britney Alone" video.

There should be a law against shit like this.

God, that...thing is still making video's?
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Originally Posted by sarah1980 View Post
in the words of Wash from Firefly/Serenity

"Do we care? Are we caring about this?"
Here, here. People are acting up for nothing! It's no secret couples in Hollywood are always cheating on each other so why is this shocking?
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Regardless of her acting capabilities or personal fiascos, I have to say that I find Kristen Stewart to be really attractive. For supermodel standards? I don't know. I judge people as individuals, not based on others. Heck, if she came up to me today and wanted me I wouldn't have a second thought (well, now I would, because she'd probably invite another dude into the bed and I'm not one to cross swords, but that's besides the point). I also thought she was really good in The Runaways and if you pronounce her name "Kirsten Stewart" rather than Kristen it sounds really attractive for some reason.

Gotta say, though, she looks downright trashy in that picture smoking on the porch and her actions towards poor R-Patt are downright trashy.
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I'll let this video say exactly how I feel whenever a celebrity's love life grabs headlines, this topic especially right now:

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Originally Posted by DaveyJoeG View Post
This is why you don't date a girl who is willing to leave their current boyfriend for you.
It really is just setting yourself up for failure....
Originally Posted by Bondgirl View Post

This man is in his forties and married

Plus being only 22yrs old she is still young and silly not thinking of the problems she would create
That's old enough to have the common sense to know that what she was doing wasn't right....we aren't talking about an emancipated 17 year old here
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Originally Posted by poopontheshoes7 View Post
God, that...thing is still making video's?
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