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Old 08-17-2012, 06:32 PM
Netflix and the studios suck

I never used Netflix before and my daughter keeps asking me for movies that we don't own and are not on TV. I say, "Why not give Netflix a try. I have a tv with wifi." I sign up. I look up about 10 different movies at first. None of them are listed. I try people and for Arnold, they have 2 movies. 2. What the fuck? I call customer service. They tell me all the movies I wanted are not for streaming and she blames the studios for not selling them the rights. I cancel. I had Netflix for a whole 5 minutes.

I am sure this is not news for any of you, but I want to bitch. Netflix does all this advertising and they do not have shit to stream. I don't care about the money. They want $7.99 for the streaming and another $7.99 for one mailing type. I am not waiting for anything to be mailed. I would gladly pay $20 a month to stream whatever I want. Hell, I would totally pay $50 a month and I can cancel HBO and Starz.

Now, I have to hear my daughter ask me for movies until I get them.

Here is what I am going to do. I am going to buy a 3T hard drive (maybe 2) and have my friend and uncle give me all the movies and tv shows they have downloaded. I tried to do it the nice and legal way and they all fucked up and they get nothing now. Fuck them for making it so hard to watch a movie. They could make money, but their greed basically forces people to cheat.
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