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Movie Martial Arts Fighters

So who is your favourite martial arts fighter in the movies?

2. Dolph Lundgren
3. Chuck Norris
4. Bruce Lee
5. Brandon Lee
6. Jet Li
7. Donnie Yen
8. Jackie Chan
9. Tony Jaa
10. Wesley Snipes
11. Sammo Hung
12. Michelle Yeoh
13. Bolo Yeung: Bloodsport
14. Steven Seagal
15. Sonny Chiba
16. Scott Adkins
17. Michael Jai White
18. Ray Park
19. Jason Statham
20. Vincent Klyn: Point Break
21. Chow Yun Fat
22. Mark Dacascos
23. Cynthia Rothrock
24. Iko Uwais: The Raid: Redemption
25. Johnny Tri Nguyen: The Rebel
26. Paulo Tocha: Bloodsport
27. Michel Qissi: Kickboxer
28. Robin Shou: Mortal Kombat
29. Lateef Crowder: The Protector
30. Cung Le: Dragon Eyes
31. Tak Sakaguchi: Versus
32. Randy Couture
33. Don 'The Dragon' Wilson
34. Gina Carano: Haywire
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