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Fuck Electronic Arts

I was willing to forgive the shameless, rampant product placement of Madden 13. I was willing to forgive the idiotic and repetitive in-game commentary. I was even willing to forgive the laggy, unplayable version that was released for the PS Vita. However, what I can't forgive is the fact that EA released a version of Madden that completely shuts down my system every time I try to quit. Apparently, there's an issue with the new Madden that causes PS3 systems to completely shut down during the mere act of quitting the game. It hurts the system and forces it to restart and reboot. This is inexcusable and after the catastrophe that was the Mass Effect 3 ending, I'm going to swear off EA games for a while.
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Ouch, that sucks. The closest thing to this that i've experienced was also an EA Sports game, namely NHL12. When ever i try to load my Be A Pro it has a chance of freezing and when i goto Quit Game in the PS menu it causes my system to restart.

One time i think it did it 5 times before i gave up. Lately it only does it once or twice. Also it only started happening once i was about 3 seasons in.
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