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Groundhog Day

Wow. I walked in expecting a decent to good comedy, walked out having seen a top-notch comic fantasy that entertained me more than any other film I've seen recently. Of course Bill Murray is fantastic, but Andie McDOwell and Chris Elliot were also very good. I loved the film's concept, and loved what the filmmaker's did with it even better. A lotta laughs and enkoyment out of this one. All should see it. A true classic. ****/****

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The first time I saw this movie it aggravated me-so many repetitious scenes. Since then I have come to beleive that this is a great movie. It actually isn't repetitious because each scene he goes through is a little different and the moral of the story is beautiful- bloom where you are planted. When he got stuck in this horrible scenario he looked at it with a new perspective and made himself into a great human being. Murray and MacDowell were just great in this!
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I gotta agree Lynn; when I first saw it I was thinking how much more creative it really could have been. Now the film has really grown on me and I get the moral: you do the best you can with the tools you have at the time.
Ya gotta love Bill Murray!
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Groundhog Day - 7/10 - B

Director/screenwriter Harold Ramis made "Groundhog Day" into a sweet, charming, fantasy comedy on the one hand and a sarcastic romp on the other. This is thanks to the talented comedian Billy Murray, who can either play sarcastic or loveable very well. And Andie MacDowell really balanced out Murray's sarcasm by being such a sweet, loveable character. It's a fun romp with heart. Thanks to classy music, cinematography and screenwriting "Groundhog Day" is a cut above just the fair comedy.

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One of my favorites. Genuinely funny, with great lead performances, and genuinely touching at times. One of few spiritual movies I think works great. Approaches a 10/10, but doesn't quite get there for some reason I can't put my finger on.

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A very funny movie, one of Bill Murrays best works

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