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Two Faced Bill???


As Clinton sounds interest rate alarm, does Congress think it's for real?

By Tom Curry, NBC News national affairs writer

Updated at 4:50pm ET With a lame-duck session of Congress set for the weeks after the Nov. 6 election, members of Congress face the task of taking steps to reduce the deficit before inevitable interest rate hikes push the nation into a debt crisis with profound, long-lasting consequences.

Former President Bill Clinton gave a reminder of the task ahead as he renewed his warning Sunday about a surge in interest rates and a potential debt crisis.

“If interest rates were the same today as they were when I was president, the payment on the debt, that is, what the taxpayers have to pay every year, the financial debt (payments) would go from $250 billion to $650 billion a year,” Clinton warned on CBS’s Face the Nation Sunday.

Congress and President Barack Obama, he said, “can't let that happen” – so they must strike a deal on reducing deficits and debt.

While acknowledging that the U.S. economy right now is anemic, Clinton said, “When the economy starts to grow and people start borrowing money again, and banks start loaning money to small businesses and not just big ones, interest rates will go up, because there will be more competition for money.”
There's more. Click the link

When did Bill join the tea party movement? I can't figure out if he is saying that to help Obama or not.

He is implying....If Obama wins, he can keep borrowing and keep Bernake in power and little changes. If Mitt wins, Bernake is gone and the Fed raises rates and we are fucked.

Sounds to me like he is throwing Obama under the bus.
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Bill Clinton is a liar, a hypocrite, and a whoremonger of the worst kind.
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Originally Posted by Jim Colyer View Post
Bill Clinton is a liar, a hypocrite, and a whoremonger of the worst kind.
LOL he is a politician. they all do this stuff.


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