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Green Day's "Uno"

Just picked it up and listened to it today. I've been a GD fan since they broke out in 1994, and have purchased every album they've released going back to that point. Really enjoyed American Idiot & 21st Century Breakdown. Found Uno to be a refreshing change of pace from the whole "rock opera" thing, and outta 12 songs, maybe only 2 of them were weak.

And those 2 particular weak songs were STILL better than about 99% of the shit that's on the radio anyway! So I'm biased. Also really liking how they've added Jason White as a second guitarist to their band over the past few years. He and Billie Joe were in a side band called "Pinhead Gunpowder" which is total 2 minute punk songs that are super enjoyable. Check 'em out sometime!

I saw Billie Joe's "Meltdown" as they're calling it.... I loved it, and really don't blame him one bit for being pissed and doing what he did! But was disappointed to hear that he subsequently checked into rehab following the incident. It's a shame, cuz he's married with a kid (or two?) - hopefully he recovers and they can continue appearing on TV and touring.

I really look forward to Dos in November and Tre in January. And if you're a fan of 'Days, I highly recommend this album!
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