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The Month in Movies - September 2012

Number of First-Time Viewings (this month): 38
Number of First-Time Viewings (this year, so far): 406



THE GREAT (*** ½)



The Shop Around the Corner
Premium Rush
Safe (2012)
Cruel Gun Story
Assassination of a High School President
The Silent Partner
The Tall Man
Grandma’s Boy (1922)
The Do-Deca-Pentathlon
Screaming in High Heels: The Rise and Fall of the Scream Queen Era
Dr. Jack
People I Know

THE O.K. (** ½)

The Big Noise
The Possession
The Words

THE SO-SO (**)

Just One of the Guys
In the Navy
End of Watch
Rough Magic
Dr. Who and the Daleks
The Godfather of Green Bay
Phantom Ship
The Moth Diaries
Resident Evil: Damnation
The Loved Ones
The Odd Life of Timothy Green


The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure
Resident Evil: Retribution
House at the End of the Street
2016: Obama’s America

THE REALLY SUCKY (* - no stars)


No rating:

Mystery Science Theater 3000: “Gamera vs. Guiron”
Mystery Science Theater 3000: “The Sword and the Dragon”



First Movie I Saw This Month: PEOPLE I KNOW
Last Movie I Saw This Month: THE TALL MAN

Best Actor: Al Pacino, PEOPLE I KNOW
Best Actress: Cher, SUSPECT
Best Supporting Actor: Christopher Plummer, THE SILENT PARTNER
Best Supporting Actress: Jessica Chastain, LAWLESS
Best Director: Ernst Lubitsch, THE SHOP AROUND THE CORNER
Best Original Screenplay: Haruhiko Ohyabu and Hisataka Kai, CRUEL GUN STORY
Best Adapted Screenplay: Samson Raphaelson, THE SHOP AROUND THE CORNER
Biggest Surprise: THE TALL MAN
Biggest Disappointment: END OF WATCH
“I’m Pretty Damn Sure No One Else Has Seen This”: THE GODFATHER OF GREEN BAY
Person/Character I Never Want to Meet: Most of the soldiers, REDACTED
“Why Is He/She Still in Movies?”: Sienna Guillory, RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION
Ultimate WTF? Moment: The entire Bobby Wobbly sequence, THE OOGIELOVES IN THE BIG BALLOON ADVENTURE
Best Scene: The entire Bobby Wobbly sequence, THE OOGIELOVES IN THE BIG BALLOON ADVENTURE
Best Line: “You want to know the truth about high school? You've got to break it down into its elements. Unfortunately, at St. Donovan's, the periodic table is more crooked than a case of scoliosis. Just give me the chance and I'll set it all straight. Case in point, Spanish homework. 'Dame un batido de esperma' does not mean, 'Take me to the airport.' It means, 'Give me a sperm milkshake.' And 22 kids gave that as an answer in Spanish 3 last week. I'm not sure about the milkshake, but somebody is sure feeding us something sticky. Every clique on campus is copying the same damn homework. Burn-outs, pretty boys, drama-dorks, jocks, debaters, player-haters, you name it. Oh, it's big, all right. And I'm on it like pink rubber bands on your little sister's braces. The name's Bobby Funke. I write for the paper.” - Bobby Funke (Reece Daniel Thompson), ASSASSINATION OF A HIGH SCHOOL PRESIDENT
Movie I Finally Got to Friggin’ See: THE SHOP AROUND THE CORNER
Coolest Title: CRUEL GUN STORY
Hottest Lady: Tetchie Agbayani, GYMKATA
Oldest Movie Seen: (tie) DR. JACK and GRANDMA’S BOY (1922)

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