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LOL YOu would probably get a drivers license and that counts as an id. It is very simple. For you, it would be different with the visas and what not. My wife who came from a foreign country went the DMV in NJ with her passport and her international driver's license and got an NJ driver's license. Very easy. All you need is the proper paperwork to prove who you are.

You could not vote anyway. You need to be a citizen, which my wife is now. Once a citizen, you have to register to vote.
Ah l asked that qestion about the drivers lience

I know l cant vote in America l was just asking qestions on people who might immagrate to America

So would you say it would be harder for a new resident to your country

it is nice to know all this stuff even though my home is Australia

I just seen all the diffrent reponces plus some did seem confused on what they had to use

Sometimes when certain sysems are replaced with diffent things it can be confusing for people who can get the proper imformation Erroneous
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I have ID so it's a non issue for me, but I will say, getting an ID is a pain in the ass. If you don't get there early enough you'll have to wait at the dmv for a LONG ASS time.

I'd likely would just say, fuck this, and leave and not vote. Especially considering the choices anyway.


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