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Finally got myself an HDTV

Obviously my next purchase will be a blu-ray player.

Simple question. I'm not going to straight replacing all my DVDs with Blu-Rays, but can someone recommend a blu-ray purchase for a movie I might already own, but the blu-ray is such an improvement that it's worth upgrading?

Basically, can someone recommend the best blu-ray releases to look out for?!
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I went with this same idea when I upgraded. I had a limited budget but wanted to get a few of the best and from my testing I found these worth picking up.

Shawshank Redemption - I picked this up for $8, it is probably my favorite movie so I had to have it but I was blown away by how great it looked over the DVD.

Watchmen - Another I got for $8 and worth it. Great movie and very noticeable difference in quality over DVD. With the FX in the movie it is a must have.

Kick Ass - Again, $8 and just a solid flick. Has several dark scenes that are much clearer on bluray and with a good HDTV. On DVD they seemed a little blurry but not on the bluray.

Inception - Obvious choice and another $8 grab for me!

Those were the fist blurays I got. All on sale when I got them. Some others that on my "Want List" are:

Star Wars (original trilogy), Matrix Trilogy, Avatar, Robocop, the whole Marvel series (Iron Man, Avengers, Etc), E.T., Indiana Jones Trilogy, and Saving Private Ryan. I could go on forver with the list but those are kinda the ones I want most.

Gratz on the upgrades btw!
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Keep an eye out around Black Friday. Amazon and other online retailers usually have a lot of awesome deals...I usually always snag around 10 movies/tv seasons every year from online deals.

I always wanna puke when I think back when I got my HDTV...it was March '08....paid $1,000 for a JVC 37" 1080p. It was absolutely the best deal I could find then....now-a-days I could get 2 or 3 tvs for that price and plus larger as well. F'n A.

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Good place to start is http://www.blu-ray.com.

At the top of the menu screen is a list of movie titles (scroll all the way to the top). It's the "Latest blu ray price drops", or you can switch to "Top Deals".
Also there's a red menu button at the very top "Best Blu-Ray Deals, See All the Deals" and it shows prices of blu rays on Amazon, listed in several categories (lowest to highest, 3d br, 2d br, latest price drops, etc...).

Also, if you click on any BR title you can see a little graph above the pricetag listing. Move your cursor over it, and a window pops up showing the price history of that title.

Wait around for good deals on titles that interest you.

Also, the reviews of the BRs are reliable. Included are grades for video/audio quality. I agree most of the time with their assessments.

If you wait 3-6 months for new release titles, they can drop MASSIVELY. For example last month MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE GHOST PROTOCOL was $9.99.

Hope that helps, and happy searching!
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the big upgrades I made were titles that on DVD were flipper discs, such as A Time To Kill and Sleepers.

Older titles that are still in Snapper DVD cases are ones that you may want to upgrade first, the quality of those old dvd's is near VHS quality.
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For me a BR player was worth purchasing just for the internet integration and access to removable media.
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keep in mind that not all Blu-Ray discs are worth the money when it comes to the transfer quality. i usually read user reviews on a Blu-Ray disc before i buy. if people complain about the picture quality, i tend to pass on buying. however for the best picture, it also depends on what kind of tele you have. did you get a Plasma or a LED? what are the stats?
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