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Disturbing Scenes As Children Are Sent Back To Italy


This all started in 2010 and at long last the courts are sending these four girls back to there father in Italy

You see the mum and the girls came to Australia on a 1 month hoilday visa to see family and freinds who live here
The mum and dad had joint custerdy of the girls and things must have been fine at that time until they came to Australia

Well now the court case is over and the girls have to leave Aus to go back to there father

The girls were taken by force by the Australian police and put on a plane back to Italy

You see we have the Haig law which is in place between Italy and Australia so the girls had to go back and leave there mum here

Do you think this is right on how they treated the children by taken them out of the arms of there mum

The girls were frantic and the police had to do this because by our Australian law they could not be here anymore

I will let you have a look at this link and give your opinions on the subject


Alos do you think we need a Haig law between countries to stop children from being treated like this

Well in my opinion we still need this law because sometimes women or men run off with children for some reason maybe the homelife they have got or scared of the consqences of what they are going to get if taken back

As you watch the clip do you think it was right to do this to the four girls and plus what do you think that should have been done to help this sitution

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