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Originally Posted by Kevin Lockard View Post
I'm all for gay marriage. Gay people (or heterosexuals) getting married is affecting no one's lives but their own. Also, the argument that sexual attraction is a choice is not only wrong but useless anyway. Even if being gay was a choice, that wouldn't be grounds to be against it. It's still adults engaging in consensual sex.
Well l have to say there is alot of negativety in this area when a person comes out and says they are gay
At least these days people can talk about it than hide it to a point

years ago you would be able to mention if you were gay or you would be miss treated or bashed for coming out

Like said the only real concerns l have is the children coming into a gay marriage and what the gay people would put in place to help children cope

it is alright if it is two adults going down this path but children have to cope with the change too


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