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Blu-Ray Player

Please forgive me with any of these questions appear stupid, but I know absolutely nothing about Blu-Ray players. Just recently got an HD TV so looking into buying one.

Are blu-ray players, like DVD players, region encoded?

If so, are their codes available online to "unlock" your blu-ray player to play other regions. I accomplished this with my dvd player so I can play region 1 DVDs.

How much should I be looking to pay for a blu-ray player? Price seems to vary quite a lot and there are some cheap ones around, but I don't want a shit one. There's a lot of jargoin about 2D and 3D. I take it I just want a 2D one?!

Can you play DVDs on Blu-Ray players?
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Ok like DVD Players, Bluray players are region specific. Some can be unlocked and some can't. You will have to research which ones can and can't. www.videohelp.com is the site I used when I needed to unlock my DVD player. I have not looked at the site since I got my bluray player but I have seen others online saying it can be done so I am sure they are a good starting point.

Bluray players will play DVDs and in most cases CDs too.

Be sure to check that it has wireless built in and that it is N-wireless. Some will advertise as "Wireless Ready", dont be fooled by this because you will end up having to purchase an adapter that can range from $40-$100 dollars depending on brand. The N-Wireless is important if you plan to use the player to stream movies wireless. Most bluray player have apps built in like netflix and hulu so you want the best speed available to guarantee HD streaming. Mine has wireless but it also has an ethernet port which is what I use for the best speed and my router is right next to the player so it was easy to cable.

I would go with 2D. The 3D stuff is more expensive BUT if you get a 3d player, they should still play the 2D discs fine.

Pricing really varies but you do get what you pay for. I would ask myself what am I looking for the player to do? Just play bluray or are you in to streaming movies and other things? If so what all do you want to do? That will help narrow down your selection because not all players have the same apps and abilities.

Hope this helps a little but ask away if you have more questions and I will do what I can to help.
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Also, unless your TV is 3D, don't waste $$ on a 3D player yet. Especially since that technology is still being developed.

I actually have a PS3... I dont play video games, but I bought it for it's blu ray capabilities and so I can play Madden once every 3 or 4 months when I want to play a video game!

As for price, honestly, you can get a good one for around $100... shit depending on how fast you want one, Black Friday is right around the corner.

I would recommend sticking with at the very least a name brand player, just seem to play better and have more updates.

That is another reason you want to have wireless on your device (or the Ethernet cable hook up, as I also have on my PS3) because these players have online updates that they do from time to time, because with new technology that comes out, the blu ray discs get better specs and the players actually update to accommodate these updated discs.

Also, most players say they can "Upscale" dvd's to 1080... nothing really to worry or think too much about... it is just saying that if you put a non HD disc into your player, the player will upscale that DVD to look as if it was HD.. obviously not as crisp as a true blu ray 1080p presentation, but still pretty cool (and helps you decide not to upgrade certain discs to Blu!)

but ya man, most any player you buy should be good as long as it has the specs Movie and I said, which honestly, most do... just my only big suggestion is to get a name brand model, or at least a brand you are familiar with... and you wont have to shell out $400 for a good player, $100 will suffice.
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Thanks a lot for your help guys. My questions have been answered :-)
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always read up on current reviews when buying electronics. it can help out a lot. think about the features you like on your DVD player and make sure it is offered on the Blu-Ray player you want. for example, i like having a pause button on the actual player. my Blu-Ray player does not have that. when playing movies, i also like having the remaining time displayed on the player. the two Blu-Ray players(LG BP-620/Sony S590) i've had experience with do not offer this feature.

which HD tele did you get?
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