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US Senator attacked for playing WoW

Well , wasn't sure if this belonged in politics but after further thinking i believe it is a gaming problem. I mean , videogames are for fun right ?

“Colleen Lachowicz, the Democratic candidate for State Senate District 25 (Waterville), has been living a double life as a member of the World of Warcraft community … her character in the game is called ‘Santiaga,’ an Orc Assassin Rogue, and Lachowicz lives vicariously through her, making comments about World of Warcraft and other topics on the liberal blog, The Daily Kos.”

Man , this shit makes it bad to enjoy playing any videogames. First the term "double life" is derogatory. She is not a spy or a cheating wife , she is just enjoying some time off playing a game. Second , "Lachowicz lives vicariously through her" means she doesn't have an exciting and fulfilling life which would fall under the prejudice allegation.

I play videogame and i like it ... don't try to demonize me. OK i might have killed some hookers in GTA but it doesn't mean i will do that in real life. Videogames are for fun and should stay that way.

Are we seriously gonna start attacking any candidate ( fuck allegiance ) over videogames ? What does that makes us ? Some retarded citizens ? I beg to differ.

Gamers unite !
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