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I wanna try and write a movie script.

Hey guys. I wanna try and write a movie script. In fact, I wanna try a write two movie scripts. I have two ideas in mind based on stuff that has happened in my life.

Now, even though it based on stuff thats happened in my life, Im still having trouble writing anything down. I log onto my computer, open up a blank page, type down the title for the movie, but then nothing. I dont know where to start.

Now I have no experience at all at writing movie scripts and I certainly dont actually expect it to me made into a movie. Its just something I wanna do to see if I can do it. But Im just having a bit of trouble.

Does anyone who has written their own movie script have and tips or something they can give to me to get me started? Would certainly appreciate any help.
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Just asking. What do you want your film to be about?
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Well, I have a few ideas in my head. But the first one I wanna write is about a holiday I took this year.

I have been having a pretty crappy time personally the last year or so. I dont wanna go into to much detail but I have been feeling low and needed to get away. My friend have all settled down and had kids so they cant afford to go on holidays like they could. So I went on my own. It was a risky move for me because I have always been so dependent on other peope and never really done much on my own. Some people, mostly my parents, were worried about me doing it and thought I was crazy. Some people commended me on it and wished me a good time.

The holiday I booked was a tour around Western America. I saw L.A, San Diego, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Bass Lake and San Francisco. It was literally the best time of my life. There were so many other people on the tour. Some with friends, some also on their own. I made a lot new friends and some really amazing people. It was just what I needed and was a proper learning curve for me and a truly great life experience. Im not saying my life is exactly where I want to be right now but I am feeling more optimistic than I did before. I lot of crazy things happened on the holiday and I learnt a lot. I just figured it would make for a decent comedy/drama sort of movie.
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Originally Posted by Viazon View Post
Now I have no experience at all at writing movie scripts
Well maybe that's your problem then and you should first start at the basic fundamentals?

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I have already Google it and got a little help but I thought it would be a good idea to try and get some thoughts and ideas from actually people, if they are able to help. Maybe get the thoughts of people who have maybe written a script themself.
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