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Would a Dodge Caravan with SRT-8 Engine work?

This was mentioned a long time ago by an older user, and I share the same opinion.

They've done the SRT-8 with The Charger...

They've done it with the Challenger...
AND they're planning on doing it with the Durango...
So, what's stopping them from doing it with the Dodge Caravan?
I believe this work for several reasons. Here are 2

1. It would combine the versatility, and cargo and passenger space with the go-fast, aggressiveness of the SRT-8 engine.

2. It would take away the "soccer-mom" sterotype that has been plaguing the minivan for so long.

It'd be a revolution in minivans and SRT engines.

What do you say? Should Chrysler try making this?
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For the same reason they do not do a SRT8 Durango. They have teased one but it won't happen.

Minivans are not for people who want to go fast or be loud. They are there to carry multiple people. The Durango would be the logical choice if they do another but it should be the LAST one they do, no minivans, and screw the 4 cylinder SRT vehicles too.

IF you want a fast people mover, buy the 5.7L 2009 Durango (last year before body change) and then drop in the 6.1L crate engine they offer from Mopar Performance. Widen the stance slightly and go with a 31" tire to make it aggressive. Replace the intake, headers, and exhaust. Chip it and be done. If you have tons of cash, go for the intake, headers and a STS Turbo system (remote mounted). The new Durango will not suffice if you have a large family and want a fast people mover. The previous Durango will do fine. I used to own one and did the intake/exhaust work on it. However I only had the 4.7L, not the 5.7. I was still faster in my 2006 Durango than the 2009 F150 with the 5.4L.

For your info, that 6.1L swap I mentioned is almost a simple drop in. Very few mods need to be done to make it work so that is your best choice. The Viper's 8.3L V10 will fit but you better have the right tools and know how to jam it in that engine bay. Well it will fit in the last gen Durango. I doubt it will fit in the new one unless you want to lose the dash =)
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