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1. THE SHINING (1980) Stanley Kubrick (A+)
2. THE BIRDS (1963) Alfred Hitchcock (A+)
3. MISERY (1990) Rob Reiner (A)
4. DEAD CALM (1989) Phillip Noyce (A)
5. THE FOG (1980) John Carpenter (B+)
6. THE THING (1982) John Carpenter (B+)
7. NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD (1968) George A. Romero (B+)
8. WHEN A STRANGER CALLS (1979) Fred Walton (B+)
9. WHEN A STRANGER CALLS BACK (1993) Fred Walton (B+)
10. ROAD GAMES (1981) Richard Franklin (B+)
11. WHATEVER HAPPENED TO AUNT ALICE? (1969) Lee J. Katzin (B+)
12. DEAD OF WINTER (1987) Arthur Penn (B+)
13. THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE (1974) Tobe Hooper (B)
14. CLOWNHOUSE (1988) Victor Salva (B)
15. THE OMEGA MAN (1971) Boris Sagal (B)

I haven't included the obvious choices, such as any of the haunted house movies or the Bates Motel from PSYCHO.

From the farmhouses in THE BIRDS, MISERY and NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD to the lighthouse in THE FOG, these films all featured characters who were isolated for most of the film in effectively creepy settings, which provided their respective stories with mucho atmosphere. The seemingly quiet, safe suburban settings of CLOWNHOUSE and the two WHEN A STRANGER CALLS flicks masked murderous goings-on within, while the gorgeous scenery surrounding the Overlook Hotel in THE SHINING contrasted with the horror that the Torrance family endured all winter long. The gorgeous Pacific Ocean provided three travelers in DEAD CALM with a tranquil atmosphere (for awhile), while murder and mayhem traveled through the Australian outback in ROAD GAMES. A snowbound Antarctic research center was the scene of terrifying mutations in the remake of THE THING, while terror awaited a snowbound actress at a country mansion during the DEAD OF WINTER. A post-apocalyptic Los Angeles was the scene of many man vs. mutant battles in THE OMEGA MAN, while several grand dames battled one another over a fortune in the creepy desert setting of WHATEVER HAPPENED TO AUNT ALICE? But the scariest isolated setting has GOT to be the middle of nowhere in THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE. The scene where heroine Marilyn Burns and her crippled brother are awaiting their (dead) friends' arrival at their van during the midnight hour made me feel as though I was THERE!

The three actors who were up to the task as they spent most of their screen time alone were Adrienne Barbeau's sexy disc jockey character Stevie Wayne in THE FOG, last man on earth Charlton Heston in THE OMEGA MAN, and bored truck driver Stacey Keach in ROAD GAMES. All three actors were at the top of their game in these flicks, proving that they even had chemistry with themselves!

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Another worthy mention is THE BROOD. A good chunk of the film takes place at a psychiatric institution placed in the canadian woods. Like most of these places, it is pretty secluded. Samantha Eggar, who plays the screwed to shit "Mummy", hangs at this institute, but she spends the entire film isolated from just about everybody, in her own little private pad (pun intented), which is separated from the main building, and is even further back in the woods. Creepy things are a brewin', I tell ya!

I loved the settings in this film, and the dismal, gloomy, and cold winter atmosphere is perfecto! That creepy atmosphere and the munchkins from hell go perfect together.
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Holy Christ, what about the "Alien" series?

ALIEN (1979) D: Ridley Scott

ALIENS (1986) D: James Cameron

ALIEN 3 (1992) D: David Fincher

ALIEN RESURRECTION (1997) D: Jean-Pierre Jeunet

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1. Kolobos- Five characters are locked in a mountain resort with a faceless killer. The windows and doors are all locked after the first victim is killed, there is also a metal plate on the roof so they have no way of escaping.

2. The Others- The mother, her 2 children, and the 3 servents are all in an isolated mansion.

3. Hell Night- Seven characters are locked behind a gate and have to spend the night in a mansion where a mutaded killer starts to kill them off.

4. Dawn of the Dead- 4 characters are locked in a shopping mall while flesh eating zombies are inside with them.

5. Night of the Living Dead- 7 characters are locked in a farmhouse while flesh eating zombies are waiting outside.

6. Stage Fright- Actors and crew members are trapped in a building with an escaped mental patient.
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Seargent Howie on Sumerisle with all the pagans in "The Wicker Man"
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The Evil Dead and Night of the Living Dead are my favs.
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All great choices guys...I'd add THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT, which I loved.
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After watching JAWS again last night (still a great flick after all these years!), I realized that Amity Island seemed to be in a world of its own. I especially love the finale, in which Scheider, Shaw and Dreyfuss seem to be the only men in the world, battling this "monster" of the sea.
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halloween 4 (traped in house)

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1.Dawn of the Dead
2.The Fog
3.the Texas Chainsaw Massacre
4.Friday the 13th
5.The Thing
7.Hell Night
9.The Omega Man
10.Night of the Living Dead
11.April Fools Day
12.Scream(early 80s flick set in a ghost town)
13.the Shining
14.The Burning
15.Alone in the Dark
16. Ten Little Indians(all 4 versions)
17.Terror Train
18.Prince of Darkness
19.The Final Terror
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No - one has mentioned The Thing !!!
12 men ( or 10 ) isolated in the middle of nowhere, North Pole.
You can barely come out because of the coldness, you are trapped with this thing.
My favorite Carpenter.
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Dammit Antonio You never run out of ideas, do you?

Here are some more isolated characters / settings not mention before:

CUBE (Vincenzo Natali) 4/5
"Don't Look For A Reason... Look For A Way Out"
GHOSTKEEPER (Jim Makichuck) 3/5
A little overlooked gem methinks. A deserted mansion, lots of snow and a cannibalistic indian midget on the loose.
THE CELL (Tarsem Singh) 4/5
J.Lo trapped in the mind of Vincent D'Onofrio.
BODY BAGS Episode "THE GAS STATION" (John Carpenter) 4/5
Scary & creepy. Carpenter should have made a whole feature out of this.

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Definatly Alien and The Shining.
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Clownhouse blows goats!...It wasn't gory enough
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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by edit:
BODY BAGS Episode "THE GAS STATION" (John Carpenter) 4/5
Scary & creepy. Carpenter should have made a whole feature out of this.
Yeah, that one was great.
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jc's the thing.1 way in,1 way out.
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1.John Carpenter's the Thing-miles of ice and snow, your'e either human or your'e toast
2.The Shining-A huge haunted hotel and Jack nicholson with an axe, scream bloody murder!
3.the Blair Witch Project-Although grossly underratted by legions of suckers who don't know a good original flick when they see one, this movie kept me out of the woods for good.
3.aliens-stuck in a giant environmental chamber that's about to blow up. Oh yeah there's a few aliens hiding out too.
4.session 9-everybody's going crazy in an abandoned mental hospital filled with vengeful mental ghosts
5.Hellraiser-a house with portals leading to hell. And many sleepless nights.
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I gotta add JASON X to this list. JASON kicks ASS! Well thats all for now GOoD JOURNEY my fellow schmoes.
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First off, Jason X looks great. Second off, the best of this category has gotta go to John Carpenter's The Thing, The Shining, Blair Witch, Dawn of the Dead, evil dead 1 and 2, and Predator.
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I forgot to include ALIEN on my original list. There is no setting more isolated than the dark, silent depths of the Nostromo.
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While not the greatest movie by far, I think I STILL KNOW... deserves some credit. It had a beautiful setting (the tropical island resort) and one of the most unique ways of being isolated (storm season/no boats to exit th isle).
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A few movies not mentioned...

Rest Stop (1 & 2) woman is stuck at a rest stop with a madman!
vacancy--a man and woman trapped in a motel with people trying to get in to kill them.
Penny Dreadful-- Girl is stuck in a car through the whole movie.
Dark Floors--Takes place in a creepy hospital.
Frozen--Stranded in the cold on a ski lift
buried--a man is buried in a casket
martyrs--a woman is tortured in a basement for a very long time.
the morgue
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28 Days Later
The Evil Dead (both 1 and 2)
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what was always funny to me about NOTLD is that they all choose to set themselves up for failure by making the decision of isolation. Knowing full and well that they could just as easily walk right by the zombies to the next town. If in some way guilt sets in by leaving the girl. Fuck guilt. Scottys outlook in evil dead "I don't give a shit what happens to her, she's your girlfriend you take care of her" was a good way to look at it.
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The Grey
Open Water
The Blair Witch Project
Event Horizon

Frozen was pretty good too.
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