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Originally Posted by Erroneous View Post
LOL This is a good joke. Thank you.
Hand up not hand out there, buddy. I think it is time for you to learn that
Uh, I made two points: (1) Some political positions such as Fascism are so whacky that they get discredited over time (not directed at any political position in general), and (2) that in my opinion your views are based on an ideological conception and that I don't, unlike the other two posters, consider your views somehow the result of ignorance or stupidity. How the fuck is this a good joke or a liberal position, as you insinuate? Are you suggesting your views are instead the result of you being completely daft? Jesus Christ mate, you have a political formula which is don't consider any substance of what the other bloke says, assume the other is a liberal, constantly appeal to economics in the lowest possible sense. Seriously, how the fuck do economic handouts have anything to do with what I said?
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Originally Posted by Bondgirl View Post
Geez you are going over board with your coments

How would you feel if this was aimed at you

Like l said if only you knew waht Erroneous has done for all you American people

geez it is really sad to see all this springing up
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This thread has jumped way off track.

I've received complaints from some of you and I'm addressing them.

IF things don't calm down here, I'm going to close this thread. Please re-read the rules and guidelines that are posted at the top of every Forum.
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This thread is closed because it's about POLITICS at this point. We have another forum for that. A couple of members have been WARNED from this thread. This is a MOVIE FORUM, people. We're here to debate films and have fun. I don't like what some of you are doing here...
Closed Thread


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