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Obama and Mitt Romley Square Off On Jobs

Geez my first Politics thread

Well l was wondering if anyone is watching the debate between Obama and Mitt Romley

What l can see they are having a discussion on the jobs front say about waht they both can do about this since there is a recession in America regard this

Mitt has said that he spoke to quite a few voters who were concerned and he said he would help them if elected

I would like to see waht he is going to do since it is easy to say words of comfort but in this link he doesnt explain how he will do this

I feel he is for the rich which is not good for those looking for jobs

I know that there is quite a few Americans in here

has he pointed out how he is going to help the poor who are struggling

Anyway l would like you to have a look at this and say waht you think

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President Obama did say that Mitt was short on details. I guess he did not remember how EVERYONE said the same thing of him in 2008. Pardon the pun, but Obama is calling the kettle black.

All the Democrats at every level sat that the Republicans are going to make tax cuts for the rich. That is just a fucking lie. The cuts are for everyone including the rich people. The rich people will benefit the most, because they pay the most. It is that simple.

Think of it this way. I am a man with a bag full of apples in front of several people. I give everyone an apple. One or two of them happen to be rich. The democrats would come out and say that I like to give free apples to rich people.

Both parties always say they are going to help the poor and middle class. It is basically all lies. The Republican idea of how to help the poor is to give people a hand up. Democrats like to give a hand out.

Be honest, when it comes to creating jobs would you rather trust a rich guy who has experience creating private sector jobs or the guy who has only ever created public jobs that cost the people more money in taxes?
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Well isnt it funny how w you say back in the past can get you in the future

Well it is true when people are trying to get elected they will lie in the end because l have seen this in the Australian goverment

You would think that if you are going to put out a statement saying that you spoke to people who lost there jobs and you tell that person yuo will help him and others if elected is silly but they do it to get the vote

The way to get people into the workforce is edcation
I know that can have a cost to it but in the end you get the job or skills

it sounds like both sides need to look at countries like Australia to see waht we do with our unemployed
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Originally Posted by Bondgirl View Post
The way to get people into the workforce is edcation
I know that can have a cost to it but in the end you get the job or skills
I like you Bond Girl, but you need to get better at your spelling. You can't make a statement like that and not spell education correctly. It just does not look good
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Okay maybe l can not spell like you but at least l am trying

There is nothing wrong with making a statement about having the American people educated and skilled so the can get a job or skills to further themselves in this area

if l have made spelling mistakes who gives a fuck

I was just giving a opinion on diffrent options where a man or woman could further there chances

I know in Australia the unemployed used to sit on there arses and just get payed the dole but the Australian goverment brought a law in where if you are fit to work you should be doing something

To stay on welfare you have to do a course in something or volenteer your sevices which is good because it gives the unemployed person confidence

This is waht the American goverment should do

if you want to put money in something to get people back to work this is a good idea

You would ahve thought they would ahve something like this in place now

Also the company which is employing the person gets a incentive for around six monthes where the employer is given money to train that person

I just wanted to show you all plus you Erroneous what we do in Australia

I am so disappointed that you would bring up my spelling and if you dont like it like other members on the way l post
Well l just have to suffer dont l

At least l have it in me to have a go
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Okay l want to add abit more

So l will begin with two workmates who were unemployered
One was phillipino and the other from Thialand

Both were unpemployered with reading problems and could not spell proberly

The phillipino and the Thialand woman were told that they had the tow options to look for work which they couldnt find a job at that time or go to school both chose the school option

Both had problems with reading and writing but passed there exams to become chefs through hard work they were able to do this through funding from the goverment

Same as the head chef l work with he didnt know a word of english but had spelling and reading lessons in english to get somewhere and he went on to become a head chef

Just because l have problems with words as everyone can see but l am not as bad as some people where you cant understand a word at all

I feel that over the interent you all really think so low of me because l am not as good as you
But l consider myself better off than alot of people

if l want to talk about education or spelling or anything it is only to find solutions it doesnt have to be about reading and writing through our goverment system you can get trainig in truck driving fork lifting that doesnt need spellling

There is alot of areas that can better you in the future for employment
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Mitt Romney is more capable of creating jobs than Obama. Romney has been in the private sector and has actually hired people. Obama has hired no one. After 4 years, unemployment remains high.


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