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Addicted to my phone? Nope.

sent from my iPhone

Addicted? I don't know. I use it often but would I have noticeable withdrawals if I were without it? I doubt it. It's like a little computer for my hands. I don't have a laptop or anything so when I'm out and about, my phone is my web browser. And I have applications that help me in a pinch. But other than the occasional Instagram, I don't use it as a toy.

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Well a freind was saying the other day that she lost reception on her phone meaning the internet
There are certain areas in country areas in Aus that you can not connect to the internet

has that happened to anyone else
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Hey, Bondgirl, what's your mobile number? I want to call you and say hello to you. Pm me. I'm serious.
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Oh so you want to call me God of War..

Well tomorrow l will send you my mobile number by pm..

i hope you are not joking with me on this
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Originally Posted by Bondgirl View Post
Oh so you want to call me God of War..

Well tomorrow l will send you my mobile number by pm..

i hope you are not joking with me on this
I am dead-set serious. No kidding around for a change. I promise you. Thanks.
Once you pm me your mobile, it will stay in my phone. Nobody else will get it, ok. Then I will sms you first. No pressure. It will be nice to hear your voice and talk a little bit. I guarantee you anything we say is strictly confidential. So, don't worry about that. I look forward to it.
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Ah l hate sending texts God of war

i have tried it over and over and it just comes out as numbers

i know it is cheaper to text and since you are in Queensland it would become expensive to call using a mobile

So you are serous geez l am used to you mucking around with me or other members

Are you a serious chap off the forum grins

Thankyou also that you will be keeping my mobile number private

i would do the same for you

So like l said l will send you my number tomorrow okay

i hope you will not chicken out grins

Also it would be interesting to hear your voice l wonder if you have a very broad aussie accent God of War
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I won't chicken out, if you don't. Please see below for confirmation of that.

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Geez you make me laugh

looking at that chicken makes me think l might just do that
Problem is that my mobile has ran out of credit
It shows you that l am one who does not look at cridt left over

So l am not sure whether you can still call em on your mobile

But l will still give you my moblie number and you can have a go if it doesnt work
I am wondering if you can wait two weeks so
if you cant l will understand
I will pm you privately to see what you think about this
it is right on that image above getting one phone to go is a problem right now without credit grins
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