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Old 10-24-2012, 05:37 AM
What films truly scared you the most?

I mean you felt uncomfortable. Not just a jump scare, but you truly came close to sleeping with the lights on, or not at all. The problem is, I'm 24 now, 25 in a month. Hence, very little truly terrifies me at this point.

I just watched Paranormal Activity 3 (skipped 2, 1 was meh) and while I didn't get *scared* I appreciated the effort and the finale with the cult was genuinely creepy.

The original Halloween still makes me uncomfortable. The Saws entertain me but I'm never actually scared. V/H/S came close to that feeling, but didn't quite hit the home run. Etc.

So, I put it to you- what films have come closest to successfully scaring the shit out of you? I'm looking to regret watching a movie it scares me so badly.
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