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The Campaign (2012)

Dare I say I pretty accurate representation of US politics and how party members behave?. Well maybe not that far but this sure is a good mocking of what US Congressmen get up to in their daily routines. When I say daily routines I mean all the slimy publicity stunts, ass kissing, grovelling...general PR stunts.

Wasn't sure about this one to be honest, Farrell films tend to have a huge swing meter ranging from great to total crap, this surprised me. First off this film is no kiddie fun flick, its an adult comedy all the way and better for it. I was actually really amazed at the level of vulgar swearing and sexual gags, completely hit me off guard as I was expecting something more tame.

Farrell's character is a winner here, his arrogant, loud mouthed, foul mouthed, clueless congressman who keeps sticking his foot in it and not really caring is genius. Easily one of his best performances for ages as he curses his way through the film whilst generally being corrupt, nasty and utterly unhinged, classic Farrell with no PG restrictions. Love that he is shown as the good all American Christian family man yet really he's completely the opposite, corny but funny.

Never heard of Zach Galifianakis much before this. Again its another winning character who is the perfect foil to Farrell's in your face congressman. Galifi....Zach plays your typical American Christian, both congressmen are supposed good Christians but Zach's character is basically the real deal, the good guy, gentle, timid and ultimately based on 'Ned Flanders' methinks.

Behind the plot are the even more corrupt 'Motch brothers' played by comedy legend Dan Aykroyd and John Lithgow. These guys play characters that are similar in vein to the 'Duke brothers' played Don Ameche and Ralph Bellamy in 'Trading Places' if you ask me. They are behind the scenes, behind the dastardly plot and not seen as much but add class and believability to the film.

Loved the PR stunts set up to gain valuable voters and how they are sabotaged by each congressman. Some are exactly as you would see in reality whilst some are truly hilarious, 'Brady' trying to sleep with 'Huggins' wife then broadcast it for example.

A cracking satire and spoof of good honest red, white and blue American politics. As a Brit the mockery of the typical religion obsessed wholesome Christian American family is very amusing. Its basically funny because its all based on reality, real folk and how US politics can be so childish and petty. Is there nothing more cringeworthy than watching real US politicians go on their greasy cross country voter campaigns.

Its all predictable right to the end but the lunacy and crude, sexist, un-PC toilet humour is outrageous, at times shocking, but down right fantastic I can't deny. Its good to see a proper no holds barred adult comedy, the cast benefit as do we the adult viewers. Its not original and its extremely rude but god dam its funny.

'Because Filipino Tilt-a-Whirl operators are this nationís backbone'
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I might just have to check it out then. I was honestly not interested, but I'd like to see a good no holds barred comedy.
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