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2016: Obama's America

2016: Obama's America


I saw this movie last night. Here is my take:

The movie "2016: Obama's America" is a documentary based on Dinesh D'Souza's book, "The Roots of Obama's Rage."

Dinesh D'Souza was born in India in 1961, the same year Obama was born in Hawaii. D'Souza and Obama came to the United States at about the same time. There the similarities end. D'Souza went to work in the Reagan administration, while Obama fell in with revolutionaries.

Obama's father was born in Africa. In Kenya. He was black. He was a fierce anti-colonialist, hating the British. He was obsessed with the idea that white European empires had stolen resources from poor, black countries. Obama met his father only once but became heir to his father's world view. At one point he even sojourned to Kenya. D'Souza points out that Obama's book is titled, "Dreams FROM My Father," not "Dreams OF My Father." It is as if the senior Obama is orchestrating his son's behavior from the grave.

Although born in Hawaii (where there is still resentment about statehood) and later living there with his grandparents, Obama grew up in Indonesia, raised by his white mother and Indonesian stepfather. In Jakarta, Obama was exposed to more lingering hatred for white colonialism, the Dutch having ruled the "East Indies" for 3 centuries.

It was a natural thing for Obama, in college at Columbia and Harvard, to befriend Socialists and Communists. Obama had long since learned to hate America and everything America stands for. D'Souza shows that Obama's "founding fathers" are not Washington, Jefferson and Franklin, but radicals such as Martin Luther King and Jeremiah Wright. D'Souza notes that after becoming president, Obama returned a White House bust of Winston Churchill to England because he saw Churchill as a remnant of colonialism. D'Souza contends that once in power, Obama set out to make real his father's dreams. He set out to "remake America," to strip America of superpower status and reduce it to a third world nation. Furthermore, Obama purposely set out to destroy America's economy, cripple its military, and deplete its nuclear arsenal. D'Souza asks why white Americans would elect Obama to their highest office. Largely it was because they knew nothing about him, nothing about his hidden agendas. Also, there was the guilt factor, young whites wanting to compensate for perceived wrongs from centuries past. D'Souza ends his documentary by telling us that a second Obama term would spell disaster for the United States. He says the future is in our hands.

Mr Jim C's original thread that was closed in the movie section.


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