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Hangover 3

Fans of the "Hangover" franchise might have seen this coming, but it's nice to get some validation: Zach Galifianakis' character will end up in a mental hospital, the actor told Rolling Stone. Specifically, a portion of the plot will revolve around Alan being in a mental hospital, and Phil (Bradley Cooper) and Stu (Ed Helms) being tasked with breaking him out.

The "Hangover" stars have a lot of work to do before beginning to shoot the third installment of the film. Cooper begins filming "Beyond the Pines," Helms returns to "The Office" and Galifianakis shoots "Southern Rivals" with Will Farrell this summer.
Not sure if we can believe this or not, but what the hell, I like it so far. As long as there is a monkey and it ends up in Tijuana, I am there. Bring it on baby!
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It would be awesome if they all end up in it while trying to break him out.
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Hopefully they all get lobotomy's, and then in a moment of compassion Mr Chow suffocates them with a pillow. Thus ending the movie and the franchise.
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Shit, hey? And I haven't even seen the first Hangover movie yet.

[edit-ratof13, i'm in brisbane as well. small world..lol]
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It's good to see they're getting away from the 'overdoing the bachelor party' scenario, which got old really quick while watching the second one.
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This is one of the only reasons I dislike these films; Doug is always missing. I mean, in The Hangover it made sense, but then he didn't blackout in Hangover Part II and now he won't be helping Alan in Part III. And I could understand them trying to break away from the 'bachelor party' scenario, but what's going to happen? Alan, Stu, and Phil wake up and they realize they're in a mental hospital? I'll wait to see the trailer to reserve further judgement.
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The Wolf Pack is back and looks like they’re not quite done with their debauchery just yet! Thanks to an incredibly successful opening weekend for The Hangover: Part II (and by that we mean a worldwide gross of $200 million in just five days!), the studio is already primping for a third installment of the hilarious series.

I am there baby!
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Let me guess, in the 4th one they'll kill off one of the main characters then have a Weekend At Bernie's style movie after that.
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Hangover stars want major cash for 3rd film - http://bit.ly/x8vNm2
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I'm not sure they deserve the kind of money they are asking for, but hey this franchise is a cash cow and a third entry is almost guaranteed AT LEAST $200 mil. domestic (the sequel made $254 mil. in the US and a whopping $320 mil. in foreign markets.) so who can really blame them? Is it excessive? Yes, but I am willing to wager that if someone offered any of us $15 million to do something we love, JoBlo would have the wealthiest online community around. As far as the actual movie goes I am in the minority, as I fairly enjoyed the first one upon release (less and less each viewing,) but actually rather liked Part 2 much much more and had no qualms getting down with its dark streak. If Part 3 can keep the tone of Part 2 while somehow finding a way to keep the proceedings feeling fresh, then I am up for one more go. I'll wait for trailers and reviews to think more about it beyond that.
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The Hangover Part III has a destination for the end of the trilogy - http://bit.ly/KQgeXu
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Hopefully this one isn't as completely over-the-top as the second, but I'm not holding my breath.
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I feel that even though they are making money of these the defiantly need to find a way to end it with this one
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I was in the minority having liked "The Hangover: Part II" but it was just a retread of the first. Hopefully the third one doesn't do the same thing. No reason they can't keep the same characters but put them in a new situation.

Tapatalking from my bed. Ya mutha says hi.
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I liked the 2nd one a little bit more upon the second viewing since I knew what to expect and didn't have the initial shock of just reusing every single joke from the first one...and it didn't help being able to grab the Blu for $4.99.

I'm hopeful they can come up with something original and end the series on a better note. First one is still a classic.
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Hangover Sequel Nabs Cameos, Goes Presidential

Remember a couple years ago when there was buzz about former president Bill Clinton having a cameo in the Hangover 2? Well, The Wolf Pack is back and will be joined by not only Slick Willie, but also former Texas governor and US President George W. Bush.

"Clinton dropped by the set of Hangover 2," we're told, "suddenly Internet rumors swirled that he was doing a cameo like Tyson did in the first one. It turned out to be only that: just a rumor."

Things weren't all a loss, however. "While he was on set, we did later have dinner and it was discussed, having Bill on board. No doubt, this came up when we started work on the new movie."

But it was actually Clinton's idea that might spark what will be the first appearance of 2 US Presidents in a comedy film. "Right, Bill said he said he could get George on board. We were like no way."


Both Clinton and Bush are officially signed on to appear in the movie, a spokesperson tells us. It doesn't stop there.

"Zack was the guy holding us back from going with Mel Gibson, but apparently the two have been hanging out and Gibson has been donating money to his wife's charity."

Galifianakis, who plays slow-witted sibling Alan, resisting the casting of Gibson, who at the time was involved in a domestic dispute scandal. The star's wife is involved in a charity organization speaking out against violence against women.

So does this mean Mel Gibson is on board? That's not for sure, but aside from the casting of the two former heads of state, one extra nugget was dropped at the press conference, or should we say Nugent…

"That's right, we got Ted Nugent. He's a huge fan of the movies and of course is crazy of enough to be hanging with these guys."

So what will this mean? The plot is set to involve the characters in a mental hospital. Are they going to seek political help? Is Nugent going to be a fellow patient? And what about the talk of Michael J. Fox?

"Well, Mike doesn't seem like an obvious choice, but apparently Todd [Philips] recently saw this Wayne Wang movie, Blue in the Face and went nuts over his [Michael J. Fox] performance. I mean to say, Mike plays a total nut and Philips was like, 'We gotta get him!'"

With the 2012 Summer pretty much wrapped, it's safe to say we will be looking at a 2013 release for this one. A lot can change between now and then, but so far everything looks set up for the third movie to be the highest grossing yet. The question that lingered in the air is whether there'd be a 4th movie.

"We are on top of that. The plan is to make it like the James Bond franchise. Different actors playing the characters, different situations. Philips won't be directing most likely, but will continue producing. He already has 6 more stories set up. One is a straight up action movie that involves time travel."

Hangover in Space? Only time will tell.

-- Strangelove AP

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what a crock of shite
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First Promo Art for The Hangover Part III Released! - http://wp.me/p2CCWq-1iS
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I can't wait. Heard Heather G was in it again.
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I'm certainly looking forward to it. Phillips has promised a new plot soo here's to hoping he isn't lying or following the same formula as 1 and 2
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Have they said where its going to take place? i cant wait for this movie. Should be good
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Old 08-26-2012, 10:51 PM
I thought I heard it was taking place in Tijuana.

I just like that the original post says that Galifianakis is going to work on a movie called "Southern Rivals" with Will Ferrell... which due to that post being over a year old, I am assuming that movie became The Campaign!
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The Hangover Part III Begins Shooting - Plot details revealed - http://wp.me/p2CCWq-1ZH
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I really hope they don't find a way to dismiss Justin Bartha. He is hilarious in National Treasure. It sucks he's always missing on the adventure.
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Originally Posted by Trooper3 View Post
I really hope they don't find a way to dismiss Justin Bartha. He is hilarious in National Treasure. It sucks he's always missing on the adventure.
Yes, I agree. He plays a better character than just making the straight guy. Hmm he is gay in his new tv show. go figure.
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The Wolfpack are back and shooting has begun - here is our first look - http://wp.me/p2CCWq-23n
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Melissa McCarthy may be joining The Hangover III in a small role - http://afterthecut.com/2012/09/20/me...over-iii-cast/
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Old 09-20-2012, 08:06 AM
I though Hangover 2 was brilliant, laugh out loud, roll around on the ground funny. I was laughing so hard my sides hurt afterwards.

The first one I thought, meh, it was ok. It was funny in parts, laughed more than your average comedy. But not nearly as funny as it was hyped to be.

IMO, the second one is on par with Superbad, 40 year old virgin, Wedding Crashers, Anchorman, Talladega Nights, and Bad Santa as my personal favorite comedies of the past decade. So if the trend continues, each film getting funnier, I say bring it on.
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I'm down for this, I thought the 2nd one was just as funny as the first so I think this should be funny.
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First Official Images from The Hangover Part III arrive, new details about Alan and more too - http://wp.me/p2CCWq-2td
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really waiting for this movie.....
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Originally Posted by maxcarig View Post
really waiting for this movie.....
Little choice in the matter.
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Trailer premiers on 5/7. New poster debuts

"The first official teaser trailer for H3 is coming tomorrow!!! Check back. But for now..."
-official Facebook page of The Hangover series [make sure u log into facebook before clicking the link]
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First poster for The Hangover Part III arrives - takes cue from Harry Potter - teaser trailer arrives tomorrow! - http://wp.me/p2CCWq-2HD
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That poster is awesome haha.
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Old 03-06-2013, 07:22 PM
Can not wait. Those posters are awesome and I want them.

This is a film I will no doubt go to the theater for.
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Old 03-06-2013, 07:46 PM
Ha ha. That's a great poster.
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Old 03-07-2013, 02:25 PM
I did not laugh...holy shit this is going to be unfunny.
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Old 03-07-2013, 05:54 PM
It's clear that Warner Bros. and Todd Phillips made it a point with The Hangover Part III trailer to show fans - we are not following the formula of Part I and part II. I think the trailer actually makes the film look like it's not even a part of the franchise, which some people may like. We'll see when the film actually comes out but the message has been sent to those complaining about the 2nd film.
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