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Do You Ever Get Sick Of Your Workplace

Well l am up to the point that l was sleeping alot last night where most of the time l am a night owl

I woke up this morning feeling the need to have a day off

So yes l took the day off and feel abit better

I feel as though my workplace does not appreciate the work l do and we ahve had some very huge functions meraning 500 people at a time

I feel the only people they seem to look up to is the people up top

Niot the normal worker who has to do everything

Plus l was told l had to finish at a certain time and lose my overtime because the mananger who doesnt see waht l am doing thinks l can finish at the regulaer time

I cant do it and it is making work a hard place to be at

Also carrying very heavy stuff is taking its toll and the manager doesnt seem to understand that her workers are struggling

So for today l thought l would let the others see waht l have to do and this is in the afternoon and into the night

I want them to see how l am struggling like crazy and in other words l am not coping with it all

They seem to think that you are arobot when you are not

Anyway what are you thoughts on the place you work at do you feel tired pissed off

I feel as though we can tell my boss waht is happening but she just wont help and show new ways to help the common worker

I have had other workers come up to me and complain but we are not getting anywhere

I feel as though l am on the verge of leaving at this point

If she denies me my overtime l am thinking of leaving waht l have to do to the next girl which she wont like that

Or take the other option of leaving which l feel it should not come to this
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