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Paranormal Activity 4

Saw this and:

I am a fan of this series, much like the Saw franchise, I am a fan of the underlying story that is being told. In Saw there was a story that underlined all of the movies, even though the main point of them was creative torture and kill devices, there was a story! Much like these Paranormal flicks, there is a story that underlines the series even though the main focus is to have scary/ creepy visuals.

This movie as I was watching it, I enjoyed it, it was exactly what I was looking for in terms of scary, and it is the same as the past 3... creepy ghosts and stuff like that. I left the movie satisfied... BUT upon further reflection, I cant get past the fact that the story for this movie made nearly no sense in the context of the story as a whole.

So Katie lives across the street from this family, this family has a little brother who befriends the weird kid from across the street, who is Katie's nephew... only we come to find out that he isn't Katies nephew, the main family adopted that boy and HE is in fact the kidnapped baby from Part 2... ok... so who the fuck is the weird kid?? Why does Katie have another kid? How did the family come to adopt this child? Why does the demon haunt both of these kids?

Then at the end, with the girl, she turns and there are a shit load of demons, I get it, with this found footage aspect, you cant delve into it, and im sure that will come into play in next years installment!

Perhaps there were more things that didnt make sense to me, or maybe I simply missed something and the questions I have are easily answered.

But I will say, the Katie chick is very attractive, so That is always a good thing! And even if this movie upon further review made no sense, I still liked it because it was a good creepy entry into the series!
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I have absolutely no inclination whatsoever to drag myself out to the cinema to see this latest entry in the PA series. I have seen the first two films in this franchise, and wasn't impressed at all. Oddly enough, the subject matter fascinates me no end. As has done for many many years. Alot of these kind of movies just don't interest me anymore. There's just something about the 2nd film that put me off the whole thing. I dunno exactly. But what I want you to tell me, Sky, is do you think there will be a 6th installment? Of course there will be. Why stop at 5 when there's so much more money to be made. Right?

PS - I didn't click the spoiler tags
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i really hope people stop seeing this series
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Originally Posted by God of War View Post
But what I want you to tell me, Sky, is do you think there will be a 6th installment? Of course there will be. Why stop at 5 when there's so much more money to be made. Right?

PS - I didn't click the spoiler tags
Ya... there will def be a 5th entry in the series and possibly a 6th. But they need to start moving the story along a little bit more.
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Hated the first one. Actually, surprisingly, I liked the second one. Didn't see the third one.

I'll probably see this sometime.
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Originally Posted by Erroneous View Post
i really hope people stop seeing this series
Not gonna happen. I love it. Even more so now that you said that!
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I enjoyed it and it delivered, actually way better than I expected. I have been a fan of the series. It is a year tradition and offers a fun time and jump scares. I enjoyed the cast in this film more so than any of the casts since the first. My second favorite of the series. Also enjoyed the technology angle.

I rank the films as follows:

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In my order

PA3: best of the series
PA2/PS4: not sure which comes in 2nd. What you think? still deciding.
PA1: last place
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As a horror fan I am really saddened that this series has become popular and continued to exist. The first movie was an excellent stand alone flick, the other three? Come on. Has horror fallen so low that this is good now?

The ending was entirely unsatisfying. This series has gone from being a nice little paranormal ghost story, to being this demonic cult story? I mean let's be real the base storyline of the series has drastically changed from 1 to 4.

What I did like was Matt Shively and Kathryn Newton. Both of them put on satisfactory performances. Newton will grow into a really beautiful woman. Their relationship in itself was the only bearable thing in the movie.

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Well l have seen preveiws of this movie
i just find it weird and hard to follow to a point

There doesnt seem to be a proper storyline and seems to be all over the place in parts

To the members who thought this movie was good
What was it in the film that made you enjoy it to the point of being satified from what you saw in the film
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By now you either know if you like this franchise or not and if its particular brand of horror works on you. I have a lot of admiration for these films and find them to be simple marvels. Each film slowly and deliberately builds suspense to an almost unbearable degree, finally escalating in a quick burst of absolute terror. Although I am not against violence, nastiness, and gore I have nothing but respect for films that can be truly scary without any of that stuff. I also like the hidden camera conceit and appreciate how each film is slowly building to some bigger mythology. The fact that I tend to believe in ghosts/spirits/demons, at least to some reasonable degree, only makes these scarier for me. This entry is more of the same and in many ways is the slightest of the films and perhaps the most forgettable. There's nothing as inventive as in the 3rd film, which I think is the best, and nothing as scary as in any of the others. It builds suspense slowly and plays directly into prior entries in the series and finally answers a few lingering questions while opening up many more. The ending took me by great surprise and more than ever I am curious to see what comes next.

Making the leads of this entry teenagers is very smart because it allows the filmmakers to play into the general untrustworthiness of teens and that helps build the suspense. Young Kathryn Newton is a very appealing and likable lead. The use of laptop cameras also adds a nice twist and allows for some fun floating angles. Ultimately this is probably my least favorite of all of the films but it still gave me a quick and efficient spook. The ending really rattled my cage even if it was incredibly abrupt. It kind of feels like some things in the 3rd act here are missing.
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I see they are making it appeal more to the MTV generation because they got the directors of Catfish to direct the last two films when they aren't all that good directors, and this limited jump scares movies they are doing suit their skills. I mean Oren Peli did do a better job with the first than these guys have done with the last three. It's a tiring franchise to me and I'll just wait till it comes out on blu ray.
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Originally Posted by ericdraven View Post
I'll just wait till it comes out on blu ray.
Of any series of movies to watch on Blu-Ray, I'd have to think these are the least impressive, given the premise.... What with the security cams, webcams, hidden cams, etc. I could be totally wrong though!
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Originally Posted by SkyNet View Post
Ya... there will def be a 5th entry in the series and possibly a 6th. But they need to start moving the story along a little bit more.
No they don't. I read today they've taken $576 million over the 4 movies on a total budget of $8 million. They're not going to change the formula. Paranormal Activity 5 will go like this: quiet-quiet-quiet-quiet-BANG-quiet-quiet-quiet-quiet-BANG-quiet-quiet-quiet-quiet-BANG-quiet-quiet-quiet-quiet-BANG-quiet-quiet-quiet-quiet-BANG-quiet-quiet-quiet-quiet-BANG-quiet-quiet-quiet-quiet-BANG-quiet-quiet-quiet-quiet-BANG-quiet-quiet-quiet-quiet-BANG-quiet-quiet-quiet-quiet-BANG-quiet-quiet-quiet-quiet-BANG-quiet-quiet-quiet-quiet-BANG-quiet-quiet-quiet-quiet-BANG-quiet-quiet-quiet-quiet-BANG-quiet-quiet-quiet-quiet-BANG-quiet-quiet-quiet-quiet-BANG. And so on.

As films they're not even as interesting as Human Centipede 2, which was rubbish, but at least tried to be different to what has gone before.
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I just got back from the theatre today after seeing this, and I've gotta say:

I absolutely fucking LOVED it!

My second favourite film of the series so far, second only to the first of course. SO much better than part 3, and far more believable/plausible given today's technology. The lead blonde girl was cute and aside from a couple bad acting scenes on her part, did a pretty decent job as the main character!


I like where this is going and it's good to see Katie Featherston get more of a role/screen time as well. I totally thought that her SON was actually Hunter and not the other kid! But when it all started to come together, I was quite pleased! Can't wait for part 5!
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I havenít watched this series. I donít have courage to watch this series.
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I enjoyed PA3, but it always bothered me the dude was filming 24/7 with three camera's on 6 hour tapes and he had time to watch it all. This installment skips watching the footage, so instead there are several laptops and a hidden camera just logging everything for several days so I guess the recording devices all have terrabyte memories.

And who is actually compiling these films? It's supposed to be found footage, but who is the guy that keeps finding these laptops, video camera's, smartphones, and cctv setups and edits them as one film?

But besides the technical and logical improbabilities PA4 is a boring film. At least Kathryn Newton is easy on the eyes and I liked Matt Shively as the guy who wants to get out of the friendzone. They make this movie a bit better than the second one, where the paranormal activity was a hose that kept getting out of the swimming pool.
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Yes, I know this is a months-old thread, but I bring it up now because I just saw PA4 and wanted to see if anyone had an answer to my question below (SPOILERS!):

First of all, this was the worst of the series by far in my opinion. But one thing is bothering me about it:

At the end when Katie is in the hallway all zombie-faced and runs towards Alex, we see Katie as we had seen her all movie. Jeans, dark-blue shirt.

When Alex closes the door and Katie bashes through it, she still has the zombie thing going, but suddenly her shirt is white. Later on, in the final frames of the movie, again she's wearing a white shirt.

For that matter, all the cult woman seem to be wearing white. But Katie was surely wearing her blue shirt as she ran in the hallway and then suddenly was wearing white. This isn't a continuity error because Katie's wardrobe was the same throughout the movie except for this scene.

One of the reasons this movie was so bad was because it really did nothing to advance the underlying story. So maybe this is some sort of clue? Not sure. But overall this series has become paint-by-numbers.
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